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The go-to in woodworking glue; extremely versatile and cost effective, PVA is a must for all projects! PVA forms strong bonds, dries clear and its longer setting time allows for finer adjustments to be made to the join before it completely sets. Our PVA is non-toxic, an important detail when using Balsa Wood for projects with children.

For more information regarding safety please refer to the Safety Data Sheet which is available for download below or in our downloads section. Non-toxic magazine printing perfect bound Applications : Magazine is a common reading book in our daily life,fashion magazine, household magazine,education magazine,ect. Bathroom Waterproof Art 3d Wall Panels non-toxic , Heat isolation Product Description PVC 3D board is non-toxic and odour.

If you’re making joins what are going to be exposed to water (such as hull construction etc) then we highly recommend our Acetone Based Fast Cure Balsa Glue.

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