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Self storage is a means to gain admittance to clean, accessible space any time of the day and for all types of articles, ranging from personal household items to RVs, boats etc. The self storage business is a growing one, and is offering a niche service to its customers. People can use the facility for a short period of time such as 7 day or long term storage such as a year. Many even offer climatic control features that artificially air conditions or heat the storage as per the requirement of the items stored. According to figures dating to end of 2009, 58,000 self storage units had been set up on commercial land in the US by 30,325 companies, offering in total a storage space of more than 2.35 billion square feet. From important documents to large pieces of furniture and everything in between can be stored in a self storage facility.
HOAs place restrictions on the type of sheds and storage facilities that can be erected on a property. With death in the family, individuals often find the need for additional storage to house their deceased relatives’ belongings and personal possessions. Public Storage’s financial results are not unlike the other publicly traded companies in the self-storage industry. Pest control in most storage facilities and regular cleaning to maintain best sanitation standards. According to documents filed with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Public Storage, the nation’s largest self-storage company, had 2,078 facilities in 38 states within the U.S.

Also, people cannot access their storage anytime they please like they can in self storage.
With the increasing number of companies entering this industry you can expect a good deal when you rent self storage . All self storage facilities come equipped with at least minimal security measures, and many have advanced security features like alarm systems, smoke detector, surveillance cameras, patrollers, and guards. Whatever may be the requirement, the demand for such storage is on the rise and has made conversion of warehouses and grocery stores and many other spacious properties into self storage facilities in residential areas a lucrative business. Self Storage Eustis FL – If you are looking for modern self storage, Eustis, FL is home to Pak It Inn for the cheapest facilities offering a wide array of attractive services.
To make it worth their while, self storage operators try unique ways of attracting customers.
Apart from this, people also have the option to choose the size of facility according to their requirements – a small storage space obviously costs less than a big one, so not everyone has to pay the same rates. Furthermore, whereas in self storage only the renter has the key to the storage unit, in traditional storage the operators and managers have casual access to all stored items.
When you rent self storage, you are adding to the revenues of a $154 billion industry that is larger than the Hollywood movie industry. Self storage is a rental storage that allows the client to rent out a special storage space for personal or business purposes.
The environment and maintenance methods of self storage facilities are designed to keep the items stored intact and as they are.

Statistics demonstrate that one in ten of all American households now employ private storage facilities. The reasons for this steady high demand in such facilities is that approximately 40 million American families move annually, resulting in requirement for temporary storage of their belongings. Additionally, after the freedom of time period and size, people also get other benefits from self storage. Even if the clients get to choose the time period, it is not likely that they can choose a specific size according to their storage items. Traditional storage does not climate control either, the storage units are all standard room temperature, that can be okay for some items, but not all.
People like flexibility, like having options, and appreciate extra security when it comes to their possessions, all of which is not readily available with traditional storage facilities.
Self storage allows you privacy to come and go as you like and access your belongings at your convenience.

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