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I'm going to be making a pool table for my final woods project next year, and i need some plans, i have looking all around the internet and i cant seem to find one i like. This Pool Table woodworking project is a plan that will be the centerpiece of any game room.
Oh I assumed you would know this but if not, the better tables come with 3 pc slate 1" or thicker not one large slate. I know little to nothing about pool tables so please take this question with a grain of salt. Even with a relatively thick coat of poly (getting it perfectly flat notwithstanding), MDF can dent from the force of a cue stick striking it. I'll side with rrbrown on the used table though one needs to be aware of what they are getting. Pool tables, foosball tables and hockey tables can be far too expensive to consider for your family room. Use MDF material to build a pool table for your family room that is sturdy and inexpensive.
These plans make home entertainment gaming affordable, and a growing family will enjoy a game table for many years.

Here is a project with pictures, helpful tips and detailed instructions for building a strong and sturdy pool table for your game room or garage. This wooden table hockey game is simple to build using these step by step instructions. Instructions for building a foosball game that sits atop a table and gives kids and adults tons of family fun.
Give your family hours of fun by building a great looking foosball table you can all play at home. These plans will help guide you through construction including application of billiard cloth on the playing surface & rails.
I based my statement on slatron from my experience of inspecting a slatron table that was damaged. Free game table plans now puts these great family activities within the reach of almost every budget. Tabletop models are also available for portability and storage for smaller homes and apartments. This plan offers detailed instructions to help you build an inexpensive pool table that has it all.

Playing surface is made of solid particle board for economy but ycan be adapted for slate if you desire.
Each plan comes complete with a materials list, complete parts cut list, and hardware list. My point was that the 4x8 was regulation size and that all tables are twice as long as wide.
Game table plans are adaptable, with easy-to-follow plans and descriptions for a great family project that will be a favorite choice for leisure-time activity.
There are 23 detailed section diagrams with easy to follow instructions and special techniques shown for making our Pool Table project simple.
Now when you get it you have a slate set, and all the parts needed to make your own pool table using the old one as plans or a template.
I didn't consider tables in other countries so I guess my statement might not be totally correct.

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