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Quick-Release Front Vises What sets these front vises apart is the integral quick-release mechanism, designed for easy operation with one hand.
Front Vises These vises have rugged, machined, double guide rods and single-lead Acme screws.
The Veritas bench is the most solid and versatile bench on the market, and with our patented (and popular) twin-screw vise, our large front vise and four brass bench dogs, it meets all your clamping needs.
The twin-screw vise is a full-width end vise that has 12" of clamping capacity and can be used for side or top clamping with no racking, even when clamping in a single dog row.

Vise Rack Stop This simple device is designed to help prevent racking when clamping work at one side of a vise. Chain-Saw Filing Vise  Designed for field use, the vise can be strapped securely to any log up to 25" in diameter.
Well made by a small European company, these enable you to incorporate a shop-made quick-release vise into a new bench or retrofit an existing one. Simply stack up as many of the 0.10" thick shims as you need to match the approximate thickness of your work, up to a total of 4", and insert it into the vise opposite the work being clamped.

Each liner can easily be cut to length for smaller vises (although this is not necessary).Sold as a pair. This keeps the jaws aligned as force is applied, eliminating potential for damaging the workpiece, the vise mechanism or both from racking.

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