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The items stored in the shed, as well as the size of the site, determine how large a shed you may need. A plastic shed is also more difficult to secure than those of metal or wood, so if you have expensive items to store, plastic may not be the best shed material.
For most people, the idea of an inexpensive garden shed brings to mind a small metal building with a low, peaked roof. The basic metal garden shed ships with a door and perhaps a small window or translucent roof panel to allow for natural lighting.
Wood is appealing for many reasons, but unless the gardener has access to free lumber and has good carpentry skills, or can relocate and repurpose an existing shed, there is no way wood sheds can be considered cheap.

No matter the cost or material, make sure you have all the proper permits before installing your shed. You may print or make copy of any part (or all) of this article including the plans for your personal use but you may not re-distribute or publish them (this content) in any form.
The shed is built on skids, meaning that there are no footings or foundations and that the finished shed is able to be moved. Sheds come in all sizes from small units that fit against the side of a building, to structures large enough to serve as garages or workshops. While not the cheapest garden sheds, metal is an excellent, economical choice for most garden owners.

Some manufacturers also offer systems that allow the shed to be anchored against powerful weather such as cyclones. Even the cheapest garden sheds can become horribly expensive if legal fines and neighborhood ill are part of the installation price. Assembly is very easy for most plastic sheds, and the parts are light enough for one person to handle.

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