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No matter if you have new teak furniture or older teak you should decide how you want your outdoor teak furniture to age, and choose the best means of cleaning patio furniture. Teak furniture is great just by its self and does not require any sealants at all, it wont splinter its awesome and will last for ever with very little care if left natural.
I also recommend Simple green on plastic or resin wicker furniture, with a hand scrub brush it works great and leaves a clean smell compared to the stale moldy smell. You might be surprised how easy these important cleaning tips for patio furniture. When it's summer again and you're going to be using your patio furniture again, cleaning patio furniture is necessary.
For mildew that’s just starting to develop, spray the affected area thoroughly with the vinegar and allow it to soak in for a few minutes.

Or just use a mild liquid soap and warm water that works just as well too. Before you start washing rinse it down with the hose to get accumulated dust and loose dirt off. When the mixture is no longer an effective cleaner, it is time to replace the vinyl. Cleaning a Patio Umbrella Patio umbrellas often grow mold. Not only is mold unsightly, but it is also a health hazard, so you need to deal with it. One thing about cleaning patio furnitureto when cleaning the mold off of a patio umbrella, make a solution with 1-gallon warm water, a squirt of liquid dish detergent, and ?-cup of bleach.
If you find that the solution fades the colors on the umbrella, look on the tag to see what cleaning agents you can use.

Always let the umbrella dry completely before you close it, as this can cause new mold to develop. Cleaning Aluminum Patio Furniture To clean aluminum furniture, scrub the piece down with a plastic scrubber or steel wool using dish detergent. Rinse the furniture completely to remove all of the soap. If the furniture is baked on aluminum, use a sponge instead of the plastic scrubber.

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