How to build custom bookcases,shed plans,free shed barn plans - PDF 2016

This custom built-in wall unit was designed and crafted to be exactly what the customer wanted for their home.
First off, let’s take a quick look at the basic structure that will make up the bookcase. Now decide how many adjustable shelves you want above and below the fixed shelf, and utilizing a shelf pin jig, go ahead and drill the holes for your shelf pins. Since you’re about ready to install the frame, now would be a good time to prime as much of your bookcase as you can.
At the top of the bookcase, bridge the gap from the top of the bookcase frame and the ceiling with a piece of 1×6 ripped to the appropriate width.

With the custom built-in bookcases complete, the only thing left to do is to turn the room back over to the owner and let them fill up those shelves!
In this case I had them filled up in no time flat and was already deciding how many extra shelves I need. You may need to cut out the existing baseboard in order to install the bookcase flush against the wall. The back of the bookcases are painted to match the wall color and integrate the piece with the rest of the room.
I have a large double window in this room so the best place to install the bookcases is on either side of the window, flanking the window.

I have accumulated quite the inventory of supplies and came to the conclusion that the only storage solution would be the addition of matching built-in bookcases.

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