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I think it might be due to these bookshelves that I designed and asked my husband and father-in-law to build for me four years ago. They also built the entire built-in entertainment center, with gliding drawers for DVDs and my office desk tucked into the corner behind doors so I could be downstairs near the kids when they played. Fans of the Harry Potter saga would know that he slept in a room under the stairs, a place where normal folks use as closet space.
Quick Introduction:I found this site last week while trying to figure out how to build a Jacob's Ladder without electrocuting myself or burning my house down.
This build is a modular pegboard shelving system that can be reconfigured many different ways using K'nex to suit whatever needs shelving.
If you live or work in small spaces, you know how important it is to make use of the space you have. So the wifey wanted a bookshelf for the house an since I hav been building things around the house I opened my mouth an said I will make u that.
These book or gallery ledges can be built in about an hour and are so easy a kid can do it!

How to Build Leg Armor Using recycled cans or sheet metal Building Skyrim Armor Maille and plate leg armour Maille and Plates Armour How to make Vincent's Claw How to Build a Spangen Helm. Build A Fusion Reactor DRILL POWERED MINI BIKE Grappling Hook Launcher 10 HP Hovercraft Hexabot: Upgrade The Rubens' Tube: Soundwaves in Fire! I always wanted to build my own floating shelves and had seen some similar ideas but they were not quite as solid so took a little time to think about how I could improve on the ideas I had seen and still keep it simple.
Books are heavy and most shelving materials, especially low-cost engineered wood materials like particle board, will slowly sag under their weight. This modular, attractive and easily configurable shelf system can be built nearly entirely using readily available parts and materials from any big box hardware store.
After seeing some of the cool invisible bookshelves that people had put on here, I finally got round to doing my own.
This method for creating invisible, wall-mounted bookshelves DOES NOT require damaging a book as part of the construction process.
As these 20 examples will show you, there is more than one way to use the space under the stairs, and while they are not to house a teen wizard, that space, no matter how little, can be put to more practical use.

One more home library under the stairs idea, this time with a comfortable reading spot near the window sill. The space under the stairs in some homes can be big enough to house not only a library but a whole living room.
At the first glance this understairs niche seems to be a wall, but in fact it’s a hidden storage.
In this istructable I built a massive set of shelves out of old scaffolding boards and some old posts, have no I dear what they were from.
Now that I'm all grown up I have built my theater but was losing space to a poorly placed door that led into a very small room containing my sump. So, I decided to show people how to make one for a quarter of the price and it would be a foot longer.

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