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A gable shed roof is the easiest to build, and depending on the pitch of the roof, will provide you with some storage space in the attic area. The following information is provided to you as a guideline and is intended to be used in conjunction with the user checking with local building authorities to make sure all building practices conform to local building codes. Now, one other important factor to remember is that you never, never want the pitch of your roof to be less then 15°, unless you plan on going with a metal roof. Now we can measure exactly what the measurements will be for your gable shed roof rafter or truss half that will span your shed exactly 12' and give you an inside height of 5' from your top plate to the inside of the top of the truss pieces. Shed Truss Plans, Shed Roof, Shed Roof Construction Dec 08, 15 07:09 AMShed truss plans for building your shed roof showing all angles and measurements.
Free Cupola Plans For Your Neat Shed Aug 14, 15 05:39 AMUse these cupola plans to build a neat cupola and spruce up your beautiful shed. Fun Shed Plans Jul 26, 15 08:08 AMShed plans that are easy to use, very affordable, and fun to build with.
Flat roofs are OK if they are built with enough water, cold and snow isolation - and often that is not easy or cheap to do.

In this guide you will learn how to build a simple gable roof for a shed, barn or garage building. Before building a roof you should have the roof construction (shed, barn, garage or whatever) already done.
Building a roof can seem tough, but by following this simple guide you should be able to build a stable gable roof.
Tony recommends that if you are building an entire shed you may want to check how to make the foundations first. This style of shed roof is one of the most common and can be utilized for building playhouses, garden sheds, utility sheds and more.
Better go with a 10' piece because we want to have a rafter tail that will give us a side overhang for our shed.Take this 2x4 and snap a chalk line down the middle of it on the flat side. Your local building codes may also require the use of hurricane ties for each truss member where it rests on the top plate. It could be roof materials such as sheet iron or thick plywood for example, attached with nails.

Water, in the form of rain or melting ice and snow will very easily work its way up under the shingles and down through your roof sheeting, causing much damage.
The shape of the gable roof allows the water to quickly fall aside and keeps a nice air buffer for termo-isolation.
Given the fact that A=6' and lets say you want 5' from the top of your shed walls to your roof peak (inside).
With this in mind, once you build your floor to these measurements and have erected your walls, the distance from the outside of one wall to the opposite wall will be 12'. The 12' line you snapped earlier will represent the top plate of your shed, and the outside corners of this line will be the outside edges of your side walls top plate.

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