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Readers will learn: How unelected and unaccountable judges have eroded the intent of our founding fathers to protect private property rights Four categories of takings by the government--eminent domain, local zoning laws, the regulation of wetlands and complying with the Endangered Species Act Forty shocking stories from across America of how homes and small businesses are either being seized or whose owners are being strangled by regulations A blueprint on how to turn the tide of abuse There has been a lot of media attention about eminent domain abuse.
Eminent domain is the authority of government to seize property for a "public use." It was widely utilized in the 1800s to acquire land for railroads and post offices and then evolved to be used to build roads, schools, dams, and military bases.

It is true that environmentalists have been successful in shedding light on important environmental issues and have forced landowners and industry to find creative ways to develop property and natural resources while safeguarding the environment.
I feel it is my responsibility to shed light on the issues--and make those who do not respect property rights famous.

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