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Once again Guillemot Kayaks will be exhibiting at the WoodenBoat Show at Mystic Seaport in Mystic, CT. The Night Heron line is an evolutionary branch of the Guillemots, but I took a look back at Greenland Inuit boats for some of my hull shaping inspiration. This little boat is suitable for full-size adults who want a small kayak or smaller women or children who want a boat that is the right size for them. Kayak building master Nick Schade will walk you through construction of your own stitch-and-glue recreational kayak. While there are obvious differences between a super-tanker crossing the Atlantic and a kayak bobbing on a bay, the water and gravity effecting the two boats are exactly the same.
I recently took on the task of designing and building a skin-on-frame kayak in the Greenland Inuit style. These full size plans include patterns for all the forms needed to build a strip-built sea kayak.

This design will carry a large paddler through rough conditions yet it is small enough to be easily handled by petite kayakers.
The science developed for large ships is precisely the same as that which relates to small boats like a kayak or row boat. For those who are not familiar with it, the forum is an open discussion board devoted to the design, building and use of kayaks and other small boats. I love kayaks and the Nymph canoe is great fun, but there are time when my wife Robin and I want to hop into a boat after dinner and go for a relaxing paddle. Like its bird namesake the Petrel kayak is at home at sea where it can dance among the waves. With a form inspired by the Inuit inventors of kayaking, the Petrel will appeal to devoted Greenland-style paddlers without being intimidating to novice sea kayakers. If you are paddling on a large body of water where the wind can get strong and you get waves, a sea kayak is probably exactly what you want.

While a tanker designer needs to worry about carrying a heavy load across an ocean and into defined spaces like the Panama canal, a small boat designer may want a kayak that carves down a wave or is stable for fishing. If you are paddling on a small pond or very sheltered water, take a look at recreational kayaks.
A kayak or double paddle canoe will usually involve a certain expectation of getting wet, if only from the paddle dripping on your lap so it usually involves a little more pre and fuss.
A sea kayak will be more efficient for covering long distances, a recreational kayak will be more maneuverable for exploring in small areas.
Inspirations for solutions come from traditional Inuit and Aleut kayaks as well as more contemporary powerboats and sailboats.

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