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The location of the wood greenhouse should be set as to benefit from sunlight, most of the day. Building a small greenhouse in your backyard is a great project, as it is the first step towards a healthier lifestyle. Smart Tip: By installing the vents you can ventilate the greenhouse properly and decrease the temperature during the hot days. After you have built the main frame of the wood greenhouse, you should install the rafters. An essential step of the construction process is to install plastic strips every 10”, as to support the translucent polyethylene foil. Smart Tip: We recommend you to adjust the size of the wood greenhouse according to your needs, tastes and budget. Thank you for reading our article about free greenhouse plans and we recommend you to check out the rest of our projects. For those of you who have some building experience and are looking for a great woodworking project check out our detailed DIY greenhouse plans.
You'll need a miter saw, table saw, compressor & nail gun, router, power screwdriver and a thickness planer to dress up the lumber.
Lean-to: The most convenient of all greenhouses is a greenhouse that becomes part of your house or garage for that matter. When choosing between greenhouse kits or building from greenhouse plan there are four different wood frame styles or Designs to choose from. You should set the location of the small greenhouse in such a manner that it gets maximum sunlight all day long. Smart Tip: The central posts will support the ridge board, therefore lock them into place properly. Even if this is a small projects, building a wooden greenhouse using our plans requires cutting the posts and joining them. We strongly recommend you to use this technique, if you want to enjoy your greenhouse for many years in a row. After you install the ridge board, you have to cut the rafters and install them into place, by using nails or screws.
If you have used our small greenhouse plans and followed our step by step instruction, your frame should look similar to the one in the image. The entrance door is one of the main elements of a small greenhouse, therefore you should tackle this aspect with great care. This is a sturdy greenhouse, so if you invest in weather resistant lumber, it will serve you for many years in a row.
Use a tape measure to ensure the plastic strips are equally spaced and lock them into position with small nails. Thank you for reading our article about small greenhouse plans and we recommend you to check out the rest of our projects. If you want to build a construction to store your plants during the cold winters or to grow your own vegetables, we will show you all you need to know before starting the project.

This aspect is essential for your future crops, as the plants need morning light to develop properly.
If you pay attention to the basic guidelines, you will get a nice greenhouse with all the features needed to grow your own vegetables during the whole year. In this manner, the base of the greenhouse will be durable and it will support the rest of the structure properly. As you can see in the image, you should anchor the wooden studs to the bottom and top plate. If adjust the size of the greenhouse, you can place the posts no more than 2′ one from another. Proceed in the same manner as described above: build the walls on the ground and afterwards, install them into place. As you can see in the image, this greenhouse doesn’t have a symmetrical roof , as we will build several windows at the top. Construction is easier and the structure is better braced because one wall of the greenhouse is actually your house or garage. If you live in an area with cold weather or you want to build a construction to store your plants during the cold winter nights, this article will answer to all your questions. If you have a large garden, the best solution is to place it far away from buildings or trees, otherwise try to build it as to get the morning light from east. In addition, you should consider building concrete footings for the greenhouse, if you plan a permanent construction. As you see in the image, you have to install 8′ high posts in the center of the front and back faces of the greenhouse.
Therefore, when fitting the bottom rail and the top plate, you should cut out segments from the wood studs and join them together with screws, as in the image. As in the case of the side posts, you have to place the rafters equally spaced (24″ on center). Nevertheless, there are still several finishing touches left to do, before covering the greenhouse with the foil.
If you pay attention to the location of the wood greenhouse and use the right materials, you will build a nice 10×14 greenhouse in just several weekends.
This greenhouse is made entirely from 2×4 lumber, so that you can get the job done with common tools in just a weekend. LIKE us on Facebook to be the first that gets our latest updates and to help us create more free plans for you. These plans are the same durable chalet design as the hobby greenhouse Sun Country sells as a kit and featured in the photographs below. You will find a simple 8' x 12' lean-to greenhouse that's framed with 2 x 4 redwood or cedar and covered with rigid Lexan polycarbonate panels at our lean-to plans page.
In addition, by using our wooden greenhouse plans free, you will be able to grow your own vegetables, starting with early spring and up to late autumn.
This aspect is essential for your project, therefore pay attention when choosing the location of your greenhouse.

On the other hand, if you don’t have time to undertake a serious project or you prefer a light construction, you should consider using PVC pipes. In addition, we recommend you to install at least one beam diagonally, between two consecutive posts, on each side of the greenhouse. LIKE us on Facebook to be the first that gets our latest projects and to help us create more free plans for you.
Plan everything from the very beginning, if you want a straight forward process without major issues. Use the right woodworking techniques, as to join the wood properly and a spirit level to plumb the walls before setting them into place. If you pay attention to the most important aspects, such as the location of the greenhouse and the materials used during the construction process, you will have your own backyard greenhouse in just a weekend. Your hard work will pay off on the long run, as plants need the sunlight to produce food, especially in the morning.
Nevertheless, in this article we show you plans for a small wooden greenhouse, to help you grow your own organic vegetables and keep the plants in an appropriate climate during the winters. There are other Greenhouse Coverings to choose from including glass, fiberglass & acrylics.
Besides being beautiful to look at we use Western Red Cedar to frame our greenhouse kits because of it's resistance to rot and insects. The steep roof sheds rain, snow and debris and makes it easy to install the greenhouse covering you want to use (polycarbonate sheets) and shadecloth. We have Free Solar greenhouse plans you can download for an eco friendly greenhouse, you can also download free Lean-to greenhouse plans for a greenhouse that attaches to your home or garage or free Gambrel greenhouse plans for a barn shaped greenhouse. See our customer's greenhouse kits at our Photo Gallery, or watch our hobby greenhouse YouTube Videos. Designed to resemble a barn a Gambrel greenhouse has sufficient structural strength to tackle average snow loads and is very popular with do it the yourself crowd. Free potting bench plans, information about lighting, ventilation, pests and diseases at Gardening Tips. Constructed in sections, this lightweight greenhouse can be covered with polyethylene plastic, polycarbonate, fiberglass or acrylic sheets. A Gothic Arch greenhouse has two advantages it can be portable or it can be placed on a cement pad and anchored.
A Sun Pit Greenhouse uses the insulation properties of the ground to provide insulation and little need for supplemental heating.
Using a thermal mass like water barrels painted black or dark coloured stones will help keep the greenhouse warm at night.

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