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I live in a fifth floor flat with a balcony and it pleases me to put some bird feeders out for the local avian wildlife. Unfortunately, pigeons near me seem to have been evolving into giant humming birds – and would basically leap up to the bird feeder, cling on to the rest bar, and flapping like mad, knock a load of seed onto the floor, where they would then eat it.
Not wishing to be responsible for the evolution of giant hummingbirds in the UK – I revised the plan.
After some hunting for suitable pigeon proof feeders, I decided to trial a squirrel proof design – well, pigeons are flying rats, so there should be some sort of crossover. The pigeons now had something substantial to cling onto while flapping their wings, and while the model I purchased had a solid floor to stop the seed falling to the ground, the pigeons simply reached through the cage and ate from the holes in the tube for the smaller birds.
Cover those parts of the cage with wire – leaving gaps for the smaller birds elsewhere. In addition to evolving into giant hummingbirds, it seemed the pigeons necks were also becoming more snake like.
As an experiment, I took some garden plant supports and using picture wire secured them to the cage so that they stuck out at random angles. After a couple of weeks of testing, I can proudly announce that the IanVisits Patent Pigeon Proof Bird Feeder is a success!
The smaller birds actually quite like the extra spikes on the outside, although so do the Starlings, which may be an issue if you don’t like them. I also declare that any company manufacturing a bird feeder based on my design is FREE to do so, and please do so quickly. Anyway a solution that worked for me, I think, it is still early days (two weeks) but the seed is staying much longer – was to remove opposite feeder pegs.

Lots of blackbirds this year, at least 4 cock birds to-day, (one with 5 youngsters)…some on their second brood, I think. I have Woodpeckers, tits, robins, blackbirds and Jays who all seem to take turns at feeder, but not the woodpigeons.
After reading your post I have improvised with chopsticks and they are attacking the feeder every 10 minutes but still can’t get the food! One more thing, woodpigeons eat everything in my feeders, fruity suet nibbles, seed, everything! I have removed the tray for bird seed,(pigeon heliport) but have installed KITE line SWIVELS on bird seed,and fat ball holders. My balcony is so small I can’t really use ground feeding trays, so my options are limited and this is a brilliant idea – will give it a go!
You may be a genius… I had to buy yet another squirrel-proof feeder, as the previous it-might-work-for-squiggles-but-not-pidgies feeders weren’t top-loading.
Thank you so much for inspiring us to try and repel the jackdaws who are vacuuming the seeds out of the feeder. I have jackdaws, doves and pigeons around here (they fill the garden if i leave an old loaf out) but none on my feeder – i just have a real simple one (like the first picture) but no perchs at all, the type for peanuts.
I am sooooo excited (yes I do need to get out!) I shall be pigeon proofing my feeders tomorrow. Love pigeons and see absolutely nothing wrong of sharing the food scraps, bird food with them. I have a Guardian feeder which is supposed to keep pigeons and bigger birds away from seed.

I put those tray things under my feeders to catch the spills and all it did was act as a platform for the pigeon while it emptied my precious feeders and denied all the smaller birds access. Even your solution of fixing garden plant supports on with wire [I used cable ties] is my workaround, too.
I had got as far as putting the frail plastic tube into the squirrel proof cage, but Ian has gone a step further. However you will find some flying rats will still knock and rock the feeder to spill seed on the floor. However I think they will bring the feeder down as its attached with suction cups but I am as determined as they are and keep modifying feeders. Buying one bird feeder after another convinced there is no way they can possibly get to the food, only to be mocked by them less than 24 hours later while they happily demolish its entire contents, leaving nothing for the other small birds who are trying to get a look in.
I have been quite successful with my adaption; I have covered the bigger mesh of the guardian with chicken wire, just around the feeding points and it has stopped the pigeons from reaching the feed. Totally safe for the other birds and don’t rust or break or affect other birds feeding. So, placing food such as suet feeds next to an angled branch or pole ensures that most birds can feed, but pigeons are denied. Since then, I’ve caught him looking a few times, and once sitting on the top of the new feeder contemplating some kind of acrobatics, and once attempting to force himself into proximity around the sticks – but so far the system has foxed him!

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