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We remarked last year on the increase in the number of shedworkers who were also keen to include some traditional shed storage space alongside their garden office.
The result is a triangular garden office incorporating a storage space and featuring concrete panels at the back and inside an integrated cupboard and desk.
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Here's a new example from eDEN Garden Rooms in Hackney, London for a client who wanted to fit both elements into a tight corner at the end of his garden. The garden office is fully insulated and heated by underfloor heating, finished with an overhang and decking, lit by spotlights and protected by security lighting. We've seen a few examples recently including the impressive Windsor Gardenroom Shed Combi from Shedstore pictured above: it has a working area with slatted verandah, canopy and fully-opening glazed doors while the side shed can be used to house gardening equipment.

It's certainly a trend Shedworking would welcome, a blend of traditional shed useage and modern shed requirements.

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