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Camp Arden and Arden Creek Designs are nestled in a peaceful setting deep in the Adirondack Park. Free adirondack chair plans including simple adirondack chairs, Jake's chair adirondack style and more.
Rocking chairs in traditional designs and styles, packbaskets, custom fishing creel and children's rockers.
Teak Adirondack Chairs – Learn all about the different types, where to get them, and how to make your own. When I started talking about this chair project, it seemed simple enough: build a unique Muskoka chair. With all the parts that make up this project, and the requirement for accuracy, it’s a good idea to use template routing to produce the parts. Finish up by cutting the arm braces to the dimensions in the drawing from a piece of scrap, and saw a full-width piece of decking to 11” for the backrest vertical support. To make the two torsion bars required for the base of the chair, cut one piece of 3?4”-diameter copper pipe to 181?4” long for the rear bar, and a piece of 5?16”-diameter threaded rod 22” long to go inside. With the forward bar in place, it’s time to assemble the two main beams and secure the seat slats between them.

If you’re using composite for your chair, as I did, regular wood glue won’t hold the hinges. With your rocking chair all done, it’s time to find the perfect place to sit down and show it off. You not only get perfectly matched parts, but the templates can be used over and over to build more chairs. If you’re using composite to build your chair, as I did, a standard flush-trim bit won’t work well. The forward holes also require a 7?8”-diameter x 3?16”-deep countersunk hole on their inset faces. The curve at the top of the backrest is actually cut after the chair is assembled, so leave all of the verticals at full length for now. For the front bar, cut another piece of copper pipe to 221?4” that will receive a 24” length of the 5?16”-diameter threaded rod.
Use the top hole of the leg and the forward hole in the arm support, then set them aside to cure fully before beginning final assembly.
Secure the rockers to the chair with more washers and lock nuts, but do not overtighten these nuts.

As friends and neighbours start requesting chairs of their own, the initial time invested in making the templates really pays off. A drillpress is best, but for holes that can’t be bored on this machine, clamp these pieces vertically in a bench vise and bore the holes carefully with a handheld drill.
The seven vertical slats for the backrest start as 21?2” x 31” pieces, but taper down to 17?8” wide at the base, creating a fan shape on the backrest. Give the hinges a wipe with a damp rag before insertion to ensure there’s enough moisture present for the glue to cure. To do this, unfold the chair, and ensure the front torsion bar is locked firmly into the notches on the front legs. For this project, I decided to try Freud’s 1?2” up-cut spiral flush-trim bit, and it worked very well. I did find some of the hinges to be a little loose for this chair, but they were easily tightened by placing the flared end of the metal shaft against my metal vise and tapping the other end with a hammer.

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