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Here is a great layout of plans along with illustrations to help you build a house for your dog. This video isn't only fun to watch, it tells you all you need to know about building a dog house for your pet. An above ground kennel keeps dogs away from most vermin and parasites, and off the damp, germ-laden ground. These are plans for a dog house build mainly out of cedar; cedar wood is excellent in withstanding insects and decay.
Build a good looking A-frame pet hutch with these simple plans that are also easy to follow.

An outdoor dog kennel is a great way to give your dog a space that is all theirs while keeping them happy and healthy. This elegant Dog House will provide the ideal home for your pet and keep him warm & protected from the weather.
The law requires that any dog left outside in the cold or rain be provided with proper outdoor shelter.
This animated video gives complete details on building side walls, floor, size of the dog house, and other tips to help you along.
From flooring to roof, you will find step by step illustrations along with written plans to get you started.

This animal hutch includes a nesting box and screened porch area that dogs enjoy as part of thier resting area. Here you will find a pattern sheet for a dog kennel that is easy to build and also takes little of your time to complete.
Starting with materials needed, this plan has great detail and makes it a cinch to build your pet his own dog house.

Simple small dog house plans
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