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There are many types of hardwood lumber, each with its own unique properties that bring value. There are many different types of hardwood out there, each with its own unique properties in strength, look and use. Exotic Wood and Exotic Wood Lumber for sale from CR Muterspaw Lumber Exotic Woods and Exotic Wood Lumber for sale from CR Muterspaw Lumber. At CR Muterspaw Lumber, we have a fantastic selection of exotic woods and exotic lumber for sale with some of the best prices you will find.
We are one of the top exotic wood suppliers in Ohio and nationwide offering an extensive selection quality exotic wood selection for all your needs. We specialize in Birdseye Maple, Curly Maple, Tiger Maple, Curly Cherry and Curly Oak but carry just about any exotic wood you may want such as, Purpleheart, Zebrawood, Sassafrass and Ebony, just to name a few.

Our figured exotic wood lumber is available in random widths and length sizes as well as wide, bookmatched, and sets from the same log for consistent color and figure throughout. With our great selection of exotic wood species to choose from, they are perfect for woodworkers, musical insturments, furniture making, cabinet making or for hobbies and crafts of any kind. If you are searching for exotic wood suppliers for exotic wood for sale or wondering where to buy exotic wood, then look no further than CR Muterspaw Lumber, we have what your looking for. Grades : All our suppliers follow the well-known rules established by NHLA - National Hardwood Lumber Association. Buy With Gabon black-market Buy exotic Negro Gabun soot black Ellen Price Wood turning descent pen blanks knife blanks cue stick stock peppermill blanks & boards online atomic number 49 whatsoever amount. Buy exotic Indian soot black wood turning lineage arena blanks cue timeworn write & knife blanks online in any amount you like.

Vanessa Bell woodland is an Exotic Wood supplier with complete ONE century species of Exotic Wood for sale online Choose Black & ashen Ebony Exotic Wood BLACK.
The main categories of Lumber that we deal in are Hardwood Lumber, Mahogany Lumber and Exotic Hardwood Lumber. Ellen Price Wood Domestic Wood Exotic Wood Baseball spot Blanks feeding bottle stopple Blanks arena Blanks Carving Blanks Dimension Lumber.

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