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In order to build kitchen cabinets, you need to have a proper plan and preparation, the right kind of tools and also a checklist of materials that you want to use or purchase.
This beadboard and stainless island tutorial from DIY network uses stock cabinets and requires a bit of elbow grease…but oh, so worth it! Designing Domesticity added a butcher block top and tulip bun feet to add height to create the perfect kitchen island for their home.
The DIY tutorial by Ana White┬áshows you how to create a piece that will last years…and perhaps become a family heirloom. Take a look at these eight gorgeous DIY kitchen islands; perhaps one of them will be adorning your kitchen soon!

After that, you need to assemble the cabinets according to your design and nail them together by using finishing nails and for more extra strength, do add some glue onto it before you start to nail them. You also need to construct a face frame for the cabinet by using the 1-by-6 lumber so that it can be attached as the cabinet\’s door. This can be done by cutting the 1-by-6 lumber into 4 pieces per each of the cabinet that you build.
After that, you can attached the 1-by-6 pieces frame using the wood screws and also drill holes into the face frame so that you can attach them to the cabinet frame using nails. Before attaching the doors onto the cabinet, you also need to apply stain wood and use polyurethane finish.

Once the second coat has dried, you need to apply a coat of polyurethane finish to the cabinet and leave it overnight before you start to install them the next day. Finally, the task of installing the cabinets by attaching them to the studs where you have decided to place the cabinets. You can use shims in order to properly set the level of the cabinets into the designated place before screwing them into the studs.

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