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January 2, 2013 by Editor To successfully plan the installation of a chain link fence around a tennis court, you should first determine the length and width of your fence. In order to give the players adequate playing ground to chase the ball, a setback of 21 feet on both directions is provided before the back screen, and a setback of 12 feet is provided for the side screen on each side of the court. Based on the figures above, what you will need to buy is a taller chain link with a dimension of 218 feet by 10 feet, and a shorter one with a dimension of 82 feet by 6 feet. Fence fabric should be stretched from the terminal post already attached, toward the opposite terminal post. Measure the overall length of your planned fence to determine how many feet of chain link fabric and top rail will be required (Fig. Measure the distance between terminal posts and refer to Post Spacing Chart to determine the distance between line posts. Starting at a terminal post, unroll chain-link fabric on the ground along the outside of the fence line to the next terminal post.
Walk along the fabric and stand it up against the fence frame, taking out the slack as you go. Splice sections of chain-link fabric together using a single strand of wire, removed from the end of the fabric. If the top of the chain-link fabric does not create a right angle to the terminal post, the fabric must be cut on a bias so that the tension bar can slide into the fabric at the proper angle.
Stainless steel chain link fence texture, seamless background in a high resolution, isolated on an image to give an idea.

Measure the overall length of your planned fence to determine how many feet of chain-link fabric and top rail will be required (Fig.
ITEMS IN TRANSIT MAY TAKE LONGER.Prices in the menu show up charge which is added to the base price for your size & type selectionVinyl Coated Mesh Black, Green, White. In order to do this, you should acquaint yourself with the standard tennis court layout and dimensions. This gives you a total screen length of 120 feet and width of 60 feet, which is the dimension of your fence line. Bear in mind that the base back screen and the side screen is what your fence will be installed on. You could have a shorter fence height on the area in between the two service lines, which measure at 42 feet on each side. Download a copy of the directions or read on to find out what it takes to install chain link fencing. Measuring from the top down, subtract 2” from the fabric height and mark line posts (Height of fence -2” = grade mark).
Insert tension bar approximately 5’ from the terminal post and attach fence stretcher to bar.
Height, above level ground, of terminal posts will equal the height of the fence fabric plus 2″. Join the two sections by winding the loose strand down, corkscrew style, through the end links.

Securely fasten one end of the fence stretcher to the tension bar and the other end to the terminal post (Fig. Pull the chain-link fabric until the top or bottom, whichever is shortest, reaches the terminal post. ITEMS IN TRANSIT MAY TAKE LONGER.Prices in the menu show up charge which is added to the base price for your size & type selectionFence Heavy Fork Latch - Malleable - Chain LinkFence Heavy Fork Latch - Malleable - Chain Link. Starting 4” inside the property lines to avoid encroaching on adjacent property, drive in stakes to establish the fence layout.
All bolt heads for tension bands are on the outside of fence and the threaded ends are on the inside. Set hinges to allow for full swing of the gate and align the top of the gate with the top of the fence. Run a string around the stakes to mark your fence line and measure to determine quantity of chain link fabric and components required. Apply tension wire clips no more than 24″ apart, or as needed for securing the wire to the chain-link fabric.

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