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Designed as a way to create a living space for 7-8 people in 36 square meters (that's about 387 square feet), the "Nested Bunk Bed" is designed as a flexible solution to a common living situation in South Africa.
February 27th, 2013 at 10:47 pm My husband just built these beds for our boys except his are full beds instead of twin beds!! This is why we prepared a list of 30 Fresh Space-Saving Bunk Beds For Your Home to help you guide your search for the best ideas on how to display bunk beds in your children’s room. You're Currently Viewing Blue Teen Bedroom Design with Bunk Bed – Colombini Kids Room Designs Picture.
Space might be a problem for large families in urban dwellings, but the existing furniture market offers many opportunities to have a well-designed kids room with plenty of storage space and room for a restful, good night’s sleep. 4 bed sets, sleeping a total of 20, were installed in an AIDS orphanage in Wellington, South Africa, through an initiative set up by the design competition sponsors.200 more bunk beds are in planned for production this year for other orphanages in the area, and will eventually be available to the public -- they're saying by April -- once the factory is up and running. Part of many amazing kids’ rooms across the planet, bunk beds bring with them a multitude of advantages. Just Click on the Picture Above to View the High-DF of This Blue Teen Bedroom Design with Bunk Bed – Colombini Kids Room Designs Picture. Yet modern bunk beds need not be confined to the kids’ room alone.Even adult bedrooms and guest rooms can benefit immensely from smart bunk bed designs.

This is the time when you should consider a bunk bed – it utilizes small spaces to the maximum. In this 24 Cool Kids Bunk Beds For Shared Kids Room picture gallery, you can enjoy some fancy pictures, which also include the Multifunction Wooden Cool Kids Bunk Bed Design with Storage Staircase and Drawer also Shelving System in Green and White Kids Room picture. Colorful or monochromatic, themed rooms or mixed use bedrooms, all can benefit from the acquisition of an awesome bunk bed that can accommodate your children in a stylish, playful or intriguing atmosphere.Collect this ideaEach of the bunk beds shown in the photos below were designed to perfectly fit in smaller or bigger rooms, depending on the number of beds and the available space. The [1256x1071] pixel picture featured above was named as Multifunction Wooden Cool Kids Bunk Bed Design with Storage Staircase and Drawer also Shelving System in Green and White Kids Room was published by Irina on June 14, 2014. Form is an equally important factor, and when picking the right decor for kids’ bedrooms, it becomes even more vital. The first photo shows a baseball-inspired bedroom showcasing a fascinating contemporary bunk bed combining wood and green glossy storage spaces.
Since most homeowners opt for bunk bed installations in order to save on space, it is essential that the bunk bed you choose fits in perfectly with the specific requirements of your kids’ bedroom.
Some rooms display a tropical setting, other – heavenly clouds, but all of them were personalized with fresh-looking bunk bed designs that the owners can pride themselves on. Bunk rooms need not always mimic the boring design of mundane dorm rooms and often have a casual and exciting vibe that perfectly captures your holiday mood.

While some bring together the classic design of a loft bed with a standalone lower bunk, others tend to offer the convenience of a fold-away Murphy bed. Not to mention, with a model like this one, your little ones will likely spend more time on the top bunk than the one below. If you’re out of your college dorm room and have a spacious bachelor pad, your bunk bed days are likely over.
If you share a small studio apartment with a friend, bunk beds offer the ideal space-saving solution.
Just draw a bit of inspiration from the many designs here and improvise to come up with some sophisticated adult bunk bed designs.

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