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Gazebos are some beautiful structures and there's always an advantage of adding them in your home and garden. Gazebo kits can be screened in to help keep those bugs out so you can enjoy the peace and tranquility of being in the gazebo. When it comes to screened gazebos, there is more than one place to put a screen to keep the environment bug-free. The goal of Alan's Factory Outlet is to provide quality screened in gazebos made with durable materials available to purchase online. This Alan's Factory Outlet gazebo kit is shown with several upgrades such screens, double roof, turned post, scallop face board and queen braces.
Here are the new aluminum doors which come with the wood gazebo kits when you go for the screen option. The screen door on the vinyl gazebo kits come white to help it match the white vinyl gazebo available for order. The brick paneling on the base is optional upon request however the vinyl gazebo kits come with a white vinyl base standard. Alan's Factory Outlet do it yourself screened gazebo kits are delivered nationwide in the USA.

You can buy all the required material like wooden parts, planks, tools and start building from scratch, or you can buy a DIY kit which comes complete with pre-fabricated parts, screws, nuts and bolts, and a basic outline and instruction manual that helps you to assemble the parts correctly, something like you would do with a basic tent system.
Alan's Factory Outlet screened in gazebo kits are built in wood gazebo kits and vinyl gazebo kits, both of which come with removable aluminum screens.
One option that we offer when you are building the DIY screened gazebo kit is to place some screening under the floor to help keep the bugs from coming up through the floor.
DIY kits are extremely helpful if you're not much of a construction specialist, but then again, building from scratch has a certain charm of its own and isn't really that tough. The screened gazebos are a popular option for many customers, as with the addition of a screen, gazebo structures tend to become a more comfortable place for the entire family. Over the years we have had some warping issues with the wood screen door, so we have discontinued the wood screen doors and are now building them with aluminum screen doors, which is how we've been constructing the vinyl screened gazebo kits all along.
You can stick to the traditional style or go for more unique features and decoration too.Gazebo Roof - Choose and PickGazebos can be of a numerous styles and shapes and the gazebo roof is its most outstanding feature. You can have construct striking gazebo roofs using beautifully hand carved wooden rafters or sawed planks, raised roofs to accommodate a second roof over the original one, wooden shingles or even a cupola. If dealing with rain, sun or snow does not bother you, trellised roofs could be used for the structure.

Or you can deviate from pattern and use tiled roofing, metal plates that are much more durable, plastic or glass or even fabric. Copper roofing looks amazing with red cedar gazebo bodies, especially when the sun hits the roof, making it shine and cast a beautiful glow around.
Here, the peak of the roof is geometrically centered exactly in the middle of the gazebo and then all the four sides are sloped downwards equally.Gazebo Design - Aesthetic BeautyWhen it comes to deciding the gazebo design, ask yourself if it's a garden gazebo you want, a place for family gatherings and special occasions or do you want it to be an enclosed space like a study, library or even have a hot-tub or spa fittings. Next you have to decide if you want your gazebo to be the focal point and stand out, or you want to make it blend in the surroundings and form a perfect relaxing spot in the middle of nature.
Whether it is an open, enclosed or spa-styled gazebo, don't forget to take proper permissions and design the gazebo as much as you like, without going overboard.

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