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I used soft maple for on the bench's legs, but you can use glued-up hardwood or construction-grade 4x4s. The function of a stretcher is to prevent the frame from racking and the bench from rocking, so it's imperative that each stretcher connection be rock solid.
If you plan to disassemble and assemble the bench often, you might want to add an alignment dowel on the end of each stretch-er. Assemble the bench frame by first bolting together the legs and end stretchers, and then joining them with the side stretchers.

Cut the legs to a length that equals die height of the bench less the thickness of the top. An easier (although more expensive) alternative is to buy a length of ready-made butcher-block countertop, available from many building-supply stores, home centers and lumber dealers. And we added bench dogs and a bench vise to expand the usefulness of our workbench, making it a fitting centerpiece for any home workshop. But you need to buy twice as much hardware, plus it takes twice as long to knock down or assemble the bench.

This decision should be based on the bench's intended use (a carving bench should have a narrower top than a cabinetmaker's assembly bench) and on the shop space you have available.
From these dimensions, I calculated the size of the frame and the length of the stretchers, You can determine the length of each pair of stretchers by subtracting twice the thickness of a leg plus the amount the top will overhang at each end from the length and width of the benchtop.

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