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The design of the attache shed is straight forward, as you don’t need to build a complex and costly foundation. Building a lean to shed is not difficult, if you use the right carpentry techniques and woodworking plans. Smart Tip: Before starting the actual construction process, you have to design the shed as to fit your needs and tastes perfectly. The next step of the project is to build the wall frames on the ground and to install them into position, in a professional manner. Afterwards, you have to build the back wall of the lean to shed and to install it on the flooring, in the same way described above. Cover the roof of the lean-to shed with roofing felt, before installing the asphalt shingles, starting with the bottom of the roof. Building the door for the shed is a straight forward job, if you use the right carpentry techniques and plans. Thank you for reading our article about how to build a lean-to shed and we recommend you to check out the rest of our projects. Usually planning is not needed for prefabricated garden sheds, summer houses, play houses etc. Once you have taken the time to decide where to put your new garden shed the next step is to decide what type of shed base to lay down.

Firstly you need to check if your shed comes with a base, most wooden sheds and plastics sheds do come with a floor but will still need some sort of base to put down for the shed to sit on. If you plan to purchase a wooden shed then you will ideally need to build a wood frame to sit the shed onto to lift the shed off the floor, this will provide an air gap between the floor and the bottom of the shed stopping damp from rising from the floor and into the shed base which can rot the shed. A small simple shed may be lifted off the floor with a few bricks, but make sure its level. You can also buy wooden shed bases from retailers such as Amazon like the one below, they have spikes under the frame with can be pushed into a lawn. Another great idea for ready to buy shed bases are the Eco Paver shed bases which are plastic grids which are non-slip plastic and offer a great way to easily build a shed base.
Next you simply lay down the plastic grid and fill with gravel and simply place the shed on top, that’s it your finished. The gravel which acts as a French drain will let water drain away and stop the shed from getting damp and starting to rot. If your looking for a  longer lasting more permanent base for a large garden shed or garden office then the best base would be a solid concrete base, of course this option is also good for smaller sheds but its really a must for larger sheds.
Another good alternative for a shed base is a flagged base, this type of base is easy to lay and is commonly used with metal sheds as they do not usually come with a floor. Simply lay some garden flags ensuring they are level and then place the shed onto the flags.

If you want to enhance the storage space and you don’t pay attention to exquisite design, a lean to shed is the solution to your needs.
Using a pair of 4×4 skids is enough to support the weight of the construction, if you attach it to another building.
Build the wall frames on a sturdy surface, making sure you assemble the structures properly. This is specially important for larger garden building and sheds such as large garden workshops, garden offices and large play houses. The type of shed you plan to purchase may require differing bases,whether that be wood, metal or plastic.
Metal sheds usually do not come with a floor, ideally you need to build onto a solid floor such as a concrete base or flag base. In addition, if you don’t have a large backyard or you want to keep costs under control, you could attach the shed to an existing building, such as your house or a garage. On the other hand, if you want to build a free-standing construction, you need to use several concrete piers or pour several concrete footings.

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