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We manufacture the vast majority of our floors at our Sheffield hardwood flooring factory meaning we are able to offer the best prices to the trade and public.
Our flooring range consists of solid wood flooring such as our solid oak and hardwood as well as engineered flooring.
If laying hardwood flooring is something you are not comfortable with then let us do all the hard work. Our range of finishing products also allows for almost endless possibilities to ensure you achieve the perfect finish you may have in mind. Available in clear, which maintains the natural colour of the wood, and 13 wood shades to stain and wax in one operation. Ideally a French Polished surface should be left for up to 7 days to fully harden before objects are placed on the surface.

Formulated in 1827 and made today using the same recipe that was developed nearly 200 years ago. Jacpol Furniture Wax contains a high percentage of natural beeswax and offers the perfect solution for restoring the character and sheen of antique furniture. Easily applied with a soft cloth or brush for difficult moulded areas, Jacpol Furniture Wax can be buffed off after only 15 minutes. Extremely easy to apply and once applied there should be no need to re-wax for many, many months. To maintain the antique wax lustre, all that is required is a quick wipe with a soft, slightly dampened cloth then buffed with a dry cloth.Light furniture wax is also suitable for use in sensitive areas such as polishing surfaces close to upholstery. It has proved to be one of the most popular choices for Antique Restorers due to its wonderful finishing properties.

In addition to its ease of application Antiquax Furniture Cream also deposits a protective layer that helps to maintain your treasured possessions for years to come.
Liberon Black Bison Furniture Wax Polish Liberon Black Bison Fine Paste Wax is ideal for nourishing and protecting all types of wood, including lacquers and French polishes. It is traditionally used on antiques but is also suitable for use on modern furniture and will enhance the natural beauty of wood whilst protecting it against dryness.

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