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In a closed back cabinet the air in the cab gets alternately compressed and decompressed, acting like a spring on the speaker and this also has an effect of suppressing bass response. Anyway the bones of the theory is the cabinet is there to prevent cancellation at low frequencies and also with correct porting it will enhance the bass output.
As an alternative get a Tweed cabinet to match the Blues and fix it up as an extension cab with the Vent as i showed in the first pics above. Thats the reason I suggested using inserts ( same type as used for Tele necks ) because once you have verified that it will all go into place and are re assembling , the speaker will be easy to secure with a stbby screwdriver.

Having said all that it might well be easier to install the speaker to the baffle and then install that complete unit into the cab and then the amp module. The amp module in the HRDX was a PITA to get out , its a very tight fit in the cabinet and ripped the screening foil that is on the inside of the sides. You will need to be way of the eventual position of the magnet on the driver WRT the hardware on the amp .
There is a bottom valance that is part of the cabinet that truly gets in the way as far as the lower screws.

It will be close so I would pull the old driver and then put the JBL in its likely final position and then re install the amp to check all is well. As it happens just for curiosity sake I offered up the 130 while we had the cabinet opened up ( You need to pull the amp module to get access to the speaker ).

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