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The plane design developed similar to how I created my old balsa wood airplane models growing up.
The undercarriage is wood and a metal axle and metal support rods to carry the weight of the plane. I started playing with the idea of creating some kind of propeller mechanism from metal parts I had collected during the course of creating my own sculptures.
The balsa models had incremental diameter sizes for the rings and horizontal ribs connecting the rings that made up the fuselage.

As the plane morphed into this life-size wooden plane, I began contacting children’s museums.
They all loved the concept of using alternative energy (bike pedals) to get exercise and to turn the propeller.
I was excited for a moment that I had the propeller spinning, but then the discouragement of knowing I was going to have to start all over to make this work. It was a challenge to transfer the energy of the rotating motion of the bike pedals into the rotation of the propeller, which was perpendicular to the bike crank.

I am also in the process of creating the safety encasement of the propeller to eliminate the danger of someone walking into the propeller as it spins.

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