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Pergola with the 12 x 12 measurement has large size and various seats can be adjusted under it to sit in the leisure time. Normally the pergola of 12 x 12 plan is made with about four pillars in the square, rectangle or round shape.
Pergola against house can be made with flat or cone shape roof with wood work to give fantastic look and add beauty of the house.
In all pergola 12 x12 ideas, fine and best quality woods should be used, which can have the capability to face the severity of the season as it will be exposed to the heat, sun and rain.

Pergola can be made with the floor having the marble or ground or wood work is done as floor.
The people can leave all sides open in the pergola against the house or close three sides and leave front side open. Over four pillars, the pergola design is combined with each other and a ceiling is made over head.
The house front pergolas can be made with wood or concrete but most of the people like to use wood.

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