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Ladies and Gentlemen and to all thoughtful subscribers to the truth! This is a unique opportunity and an urgent message - please hit PLAY and listen carefully:

This is a secret page. This project is only available to those who are invited.

We are coming to a point in world history when everyone should get involved with sharing the news about todays events, and I know that most people just don't know how or have a way to do that, so I have created some online learning.

It's a plain and simple crash course for beginners, a video micro-learning course, to learn how to...

1. Set up a channel on Youtube
   (no cost)

2. Add other videos from Youtube to your Playlist
   (2-click process)
3. and also become an overnight entrepreneur
   (add my product review videos and descriptions)

This way your new digital channel can now provide you an income; it could very well prove to become the survival income you might need.

Do you trust the mainstream media?

It's worth doing this so you know how to spread real news. It's easy to set this up, even if you can claim you have no experience with computers. Anyone can follow the steps and do this.

And this includes the social sharing training showing you how to gather the audience that will become your support group. We all need a support group, right?

You don't exist in a vacuum.

We all ought to become truth-bombers - and when it's this easy to learn, there's no excuse.

So here's something you can use.

If any of the things you are learning resonates with you, and you also want to learn a remarkably interesting way to show your support and spread the news as well as make some survival income, you can discover that by following the link below.

Do it while it's here in front of you. Do it while it's hot.

Simply download your new project. 

We are on parallel paths. Q the truth.

Your Explainer Video:

"Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to be free..."

Follow the Instructions for:
Starting your channel
Managing your subscribers
Social Sharing important findings

Watch These TruthBomb Project
Sample Training Clips

Quote from your host Cap'n Matt:
"People need a simpler process to follow.
Rather than creating an extensive learning course
and offering information overwhelm - start right away
with a few steps that get results.
Learn all the rest later, but get yourself
up and running now."

This is special training for e-Learning your way to success
by setting up a project and using basic social media
to put it in front of people.

The TruthBomb Project

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