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You’re Cordially Invited to Join Us at The Oxford Club’s 2018 Private Wealth Seminars...

And Learn From Dozens of Investing Masters the Secrets to Making 2018 Your Breakthrough Year.

July 23-24, 2018
Whistler, British Columbia, Canada
The Fairmont Chateau Whistler
90% Sold Out!
October 1-2, 2018
Kiawah Island, South Carolina
The Sanctuary Resort
90% Sold Out!

Dear Reader,

Are you ready to move forward with the financial freedom to do as you please?

Perhaps you'd like to make enough money to buy that vacation home you've always dreamed of, like Member Larry B...

Travel the world, like Member Dick R...

Or simply build a more comfortable retirement without any financial limitations?

If your answer is yes, I urge you to join me at one of our upcoming Private Wealth Seminars.

On July 23-24 and October 1-2, we're bringing our esteemed editors, hand-picked guest speakers and a special group of Members together in two gorgeous locations.

I'll tell you all about the events in a moment, but first I'd like to tell you what makes this year so special.

What Your Portfolio Looks Like in 2018... 2019... and Beyond

Despite market volatility, 2017 was an extraordinary year for us.

In the past six months alone, our editors have delivered over 130 double- and triple-digit winners.(Including partial plays)

These winners include 612% on Anthem (NYSE: ANTM), 540% on Electronic Arts (Nasdaq: EA) and a tremendous 775% on Universal Display Corp. (Nasdaq: OLED).

But that's not all...

We also released two successful new research services that have rewarded readers handsomely in a very short time.

Take a look for yourself...

"I am loving Karim's service. He has made this service very easy to follow and implement. There is nothing better than seeing money appear in your account out of thin air. That is what I love about dividends and Karim's service. I know one day I will be able to trade more contracts per trade and this service will be even more fun! Thank you, thank you!"

"I wanted to reach out to you and say thank you! I signed up for Automatic Trading Millionaire without really knowing what to expect, and although I started out small, I have since increased my position size. I closed out my U.S. Steel position with an 88% return. I never knew this strategy existed, getting paid money upfront to buy blue chip companies and a 30% to 40% discount in some cases. Keep them coming!"

"I recently signed up with ATM and have been very impressed with how the service operates. I was new to options and really liked how detailed Karim was in explaining his option trades - not to mention, I have a 100% success rate! Keep up the good work!"

"I decided to try your Pinnacle Portfolio. And so far, I'm very pleased with the results. I'm up 14.5% in just a month. Looking forward to continued success following your advice. The increased earnings will help us buy more Christmas presents for our four grandchildren (like they need more). Thanks so far, and keep the winners coming!"

"I'm impressed by your knowledge and your results. And I know I need to spend money in order to make money. So I followed your recommendations... and to date, my portfolio is up $4,200. I appreciate your advice and expertise... I'm looking forward to your next investment pick!"

This is why we've put together these very special Private Wealth Seminars with your portfolio and your money in mind.

At this meeting, you'll have front-row access to the strategies behind our 2017 success.

Our experts are already hard at work searching for the big-ticket winners of 2018, and they're eager to share what they find...

That means when you attend this meeting, you have the chance to become the strongest investor you've ever been...

And achieve all the financial goals you've set for yourself.

They'll make sure this happens by handing you the powerful techniques that are sure to catapult your profits.

But I must warn you...

If you think you'll find this research anywhere else, you're mistaken.

These opportunities won't be published in the mainstream news...

Or even in our printed material...

And only those who attend will be privy to the information and insights revealed at this meeting.

A Unique Oxford Club Experience

Understand, this is NOT going to be a typical investment conference. Our Private Wealth Seminars are carefully curated with serious wealth-builders in mind.

When you attend this meeting, you're guaranteed exclusive, easy-to-understand strategies rather than cliché ideas - or worse, vague investment analysis.

Our speakers will dive deep into their strategies and will hold your hand through each presentation.

During these sessions, you'll learn not only how to safeguard your nest egg against looming downturns, but how to supercharge your investments by 10X... 100X... or even a potentially rare 1,000X over time.

Get to Know the Speakers Who Keep You Well-Informed and Inspired

I'd like to introduce you to our panel of experts, who have already begun to prepare their in-depth strategy sessions...

Senior Editor of The Oxford Communiqué; Editor of The Momentum Alert, The Insider Alert and The True Value Alert

Alexander Green is the Chief Investment Strategist of The Oxford Club and Investment U. The independent Hulbert Financial Digest has consistently ranked his Oxford Communiqué as one of the 10 top-performing investment letters in the nation. Alex is also the author of four national best-sellers: The Gone Fishin' Portfolio, The Secret of Shelter Island, Beyond Wealth and An Embarrassment of Riches.

Marc Lichtenfeld, Chief Income Strategist
Senior Editor of The Oxford Income Letter; Editor of Tactical Trader Alert, Lightning Trend Trader and Chairman's Circle Breakout Alert

Marc Lichtenfeld is the Chief Income Strategist of The Oxford Club. After getting his start on the trading desk at Carlin Equities, he moved over to Avalon Research Group as a senior analyst. Over the years, Marc's commentary has appeared in The Wall Street Journal, Barron's, and U.S. News & World Report, among others. Prior to joining The Oxford Club, he was a senior columnist at Jim Cramer's TheStreet. Today, he is a sought-after media guest who has appeared on CNBC, Fox Business and Yahoo Finance. His book Get Rich With Dividends: A Proven System for Double-Digit Returns achieved best-seller status shortly after its release in 2012.

Marc is the Senior Editor of The Oxford Income Letter, which is based on his proprietary 10-11-12 System. He is also the Editor of Tactical Trader Alert, Lightning Trend Trader and Chairman's Circle Breakout Alert.

Steve McDonald, Bond Strategist
Editor of Oxford Bond Advantage; Host of Market Wake-Up Call

Steve McDonald is the Bond Strategist of The Oxford Club. He is Editor of Oxford Bond Advantage and Contributing Editor to The Oxford Income Letter and Wealthy Retirement. Steve is also the Host of Market Wake-Up Call for the Members-only newsletter The Oxford Insight. Every Sunday, Steve interviews industry experts to bring Members breaking news and exciting market commentary.

Every week for Wealthy Retirement, Steve puts together his "Slap in the Face" Award video. In this popular series, Steve doles out no-holds-barred criticism to anyone (and anything) getting in the way of your wealthy retirement.

Steve has worked as a professional broker and has been an active trader of bonds for more than two decades, specializing in ultra-short maturity corporate bonds. Before entering the investment industry, Steve was a naval aviator, flying fixed- and rotary-winged aircraft, and also served as a surface warfare officer.

Matthew Carr, Emerging Trends Strategist
Editor of Oxford Resource Explorer, Prime System Trader and The VIPER Alert

Matthew Carr is the Emerging Trends Strategist of The Oxford Club. His unique take on investing - focusing on predictable "Prime Periods" for stocks - has led to countless outsized gains. (These include the largest return in Club history, a whopping 2,733% on Columbia Sportswear.) Matthew cut his teeth in the industry as a writer for the energy trade publications Natural Gas Week, Gas Market Reconnaissance and Oil Daily. He also dug into exports and international trade finance for Business Credit magazine.

Today, Matthew is the Editor of Oxford Resource Explorer, Prime System Trader and The VIPER Alert. He is also a Contributing Editor to Energy & Resources Digest.

David Fessler, Energy and Infrastructure Strategist
Editor of Advanced Energy Strategist

David is the Energy and Infrastructure Strategist of The Oxford Club. He is the Editor of Advanced Energy Strategist and a Contributing Editor to Oxford Resource Explorer and Energy & Resources Digest.

As a degreed electrical engineer, Dave was vice president of two successful tech businesses - LTX Corporation and Quality Telecommunications Inc. Since "retiring" at age 47, Dave has used his educational and professional experience to research the best opportunities in the technology, infrastructure and energy sectors.

A true energy innovator, Dave has installed his own microgrid to power his 68-acre farm in Pennsylvania and can be seen on the road in an all-electric vehicle. His in-depth research and expert presentations on renewable energy have incited strong praise from fellow industry leaders.

Karim Rahemtulla, Options Strategist
Editor of Automatic Trading Millionaire

Karim Rahemtulla is a multilingual best-selling author and recognized derivatives expert with 25 years of investment industry experience. Through his Automatic Trading Millionaire trading service, he shows Members how to safely and reliably generate thousands in extra income each month by buying and selling exchange-traded options.

Karim is also a contributor to Wealthy Retirement, the Club's free e-letter providing retirement-focused investors with solutions for growing and preserving their wealth. His best-selling book, Where in the World Should I Invest: An Insider's Guide to Making Money Around the Globe, teaches practical strategies for investing in more than 20 countries and capital markets around the world.

Eric J. Fry, Macro Strategist
Editor of Fry's Pinnacle Portfolio

Eric J. Fry is an international finance expert and former hedge fund manager with 30 years of investment experience. He's the Club's Macro Strategist and resident expert on global investment trends.

In Fry's Pinnacle Portfolio, Eric tracks the biggest macroeconomic events and geopolitical events unfolding around the globe. He pinpoints stocks and sectors on the cusp of explosive movements using his proprietary trading system called "Pinnacle." Eric is also a contributor to Energy & Resources Digest, the Club's free e-letter dedicated to oil, gas, metals and alternative energy investing.

Prior to joining The Oxford Club, Eric founded his own investment management firm and served as partner of a New York hedge fund specializing in short selling. His book, International Investing With ADRs: Your Passport to Profits Worldwide, was the first comprehensive guide to investing in foreign companies using ADRs and remains part of the New York Public Library's Financial Services Collection.

Adam Sharp
Co-Founder, Early Investing

Adam Sharp is the Co-Founder of Early Investing, a company that focuses on guiding readers through the exciting new investment space known as equity crowdfunding; Co-Founder of First Stage Investor, a monthly research service that identifies the best private startups to invest in; and Co-Founder of Crypto Asset Strategies, a subscription investment research service for accredited investors. An active investor in more than 80 startups, Adam brings his extensive experience, research, due diligence and industry connections to his readers.

A former financial advisor, he also has extensive experience with internet marketing and financial writing. Adam has worked as a consultant for leading web properties with millions of visitors per day. He has built three profitable web businesses.

Rick Rule
Chairman, Sprott U.S. Holdings Inc.

Rick Rule has dedicated his entire adult life to many aspects of natural resource securities investing. As director, president and CEO of Sprott U.S. Holdings Inc., he leads a highly skilled team of earth science and finance professionals who enjoy a worldwide reputation for resource investment management. In addition to the knowledge and experience gained in a long and focused career, he has a global network of contacts in the natural resource and finance worlds.

Rick and his team have experience in many resource sectors, including oil and gas, alternative energy, forestry, agriculture, mining and water. He is particularly active in the private-placement markets, having originated and participated in hundreds of debt and equity transactions with private, pre-public and public companies.

* Will only be speaking in Whistler

Will You Be Among the Lucky 100 in the Audience?

We want to ensure that you get to hear from some of the world's top investing minds...

Learn each and every detail behind their strategies...

Take advantage of the exclusive recommendations...

And have the chance to mingle with like-minded individuals, all while forging a beneficial network of successful friends and acquaintances.

So, in order to maintain the intimate nature of this event, we must limit seating.

Since our invitation went out last month, we've had a tremendous response. And due to our sought-after destinations, I can't guarantee the spots will be available for long.

That's why I urge you to claim your seat today, because once they're gone... they're gone.

See for yourself what other Members have said about our Private Wealth Seminars, and what keeps them coming back every year...

"I think the one thing that keeps running through my mind is that The Oxford Club just has such a nice way of balancing everything out. There's an adequate amount of time scheduled for learning, but it's also balanced out with breaks, lunches, dinners and cocktail parties that give us time to get to know the staff and other Members. I think that's very important!"

"I would suggest to anyone contemplating coming to a conference to definitely do it. It's definitely worthwhile. There's so much information to be obtained, and it's all really good stuff. And it's a wonderful time. You get to meet and chat with a lot of people who have common interests, especially in investing - it's why we're all here."

"The entire conference was wonderful. Every speaker was informative, knowledgeable in his field and, yes, even entertaining at times. Very worthwhile."

"[This event was] high-quality, very informative, an excellent educational opportunity and a great value."

"Attending meetings and special events is the epitome of combining business with pleasure that results in personal and financial growth."

"I enjoy meeting the people. Gaining the knowledge. It's a great place to get educated and learn how to manage your own portfolios and to understand shares. To be in an environment that's relaxed... always going to great places. The questions that a person like me would probably have in the back of their minds that they want to ask, many other people are asking. And you feel when you leave that you have learned something that you wish you would have learned a lot earlier in your life."

"Attending your programs and meeting other people of like interests is one of the best parts of being in the Club."

"We've always enjoyed the conferences because of the locations. And I would say that for a newbie, yes, definitely go. But when you do, don't try to get everything in. Just go and enjoy yourself. Learn what you can and make some friends. And enjoy the location, wherever it happens to be."

To add to what Timothy said, he's absolutely right - It's important that you enjoy yourself!

Attendees are encouraged to kick back and relax during these few days.

Take advantage of the opportunity to be surrounded by the experts and other like-minded Members, all while being wined and dined in a beautiful location.

And you don't have to worry about getting every last detail down on paper...

As soon as we wrap up the meeting, I'll send all of the presentations, in full detail, straight to your inbox.

Which means you'll have the specifics from the speakers to review at your leisure and revisit whenever you'd like.

As I mentioned before, we always hold our meetings in two stunning locations for your enjoyment.

Before taking a look at where we'll be meeting this year, here's a brief video message...


The Fairmont Chateau - Whistler, British Columbia, Canada

Whistler, British Columbia, couldn't be a more idyllic venue for our summer Private Wealth Seminar on July 23-24, 2018.

Nestled along the foot of Blackcomb, the Fairmont Chateau Whistler hides amongst the lush tree-lined grounds.

On your way to this destination, you'll have the chance to travel through the gorgeous scenery of British Columbia in the summertime.

Upon arrival, you'll find an elegant old world style ski lodge ready to welcome you.

You'll stay in one of the tastefully designed guest rooms with spectacular mountain and village views. Each room has been warmly decorated with unique touches to create the ultimate mountain retreat.

As for activities, you'll have plenty to choose from and explore.

When you're not learning wealth-building strategies from our team of experts, you can enjoy 18 holes of golf... hit the driving range... grab your racket for a tennis match... or roam the grounds...

In addition, you can head into the Whistler village and the Winter Olympic Plaza, just a five-minute walk, and explore all of its charm... or simply stay put and indulge yourself at the ultra-luxe spa.

We've negotiated an exclusive nightly rate of CA$339 for our guests that's not available otherwise.

Regardless of how you spend your time in the mountains, you are guaranteed to leave our Private Wealth Seminar relaxed, refreshed and filled with the knowledge that will help you take on your future investments with confidence.


The Sanctuary Resort - Kiawah Island, South Carolina

Leave the hustle and bustle of everyday life behind as you make your way onto beautiful Kiawah Island for our fall Private Wealth Seminar on October 1-2, 2018.

Located just 21 miles outside of downtown Charleston, you'll find the Sanctuary Resort residing lavishly along the island's pristine coastline.

As one of the East Coast's most sought-after destinations, the Sanctuary offers seamless luxury to all who visit.

Upon arrival, you'll find that elegant Southern charm graces every square foot of this unique seaside mansion.

Stay in one of its exquisite guest rooms with endless ocean views or bring the family and stay in one of the resort villas or private residences the property has to offer.

I'm absolutely certain you'll instantly fall in love with the peaceful surroundings of Kiawah Island.

And there's no doubt in my mind that this is one of the very best venues we could have chosen for you... where you can gather with our experts and learn the best ways to generate tremendous profits in uncertain markets.

I was even able to negotiate an exclusive discount for you. When you join us at the Sanctuary on Kiawah Island for our October 1-2 Private Wealth Seminar, you'll receive more than $100 off your nightly rate.

As a guest of one of the nation's unmatched luxury resorts, you'll have the chance to enjoy endless possibilities for recreation and relaxation on your downtime.

That includes pampering yourself at the Forbes five-star-awarded spa, or perhaps a lively 18 holes of golf at one of five PGA championship courses in the area, including the renowned Ocean Course, Osprey Point Course and Turtle Point Course.

Committed Individuals Wanted

Now, I'm sure you're getting excited about these events, as well as the locations we've chosen...

But before I add you to the official list of attendees for either Private Wealth Seminar, I do want to share just a brief disclaimer...

This type of event may not be for everyone.

Some people prefer the anonymity of big investment conferences.

On the other hand, if you're the type of person who thrives on a personalized experience only a small gathering can provide, The Oxford Club's Private Wealth Seminar is for you.

Less than 1% of all Oxford Club Members will have the privilege to attend and recognize the significance these special recommendations can have on their portfolios.

10 More Reasons You'll Want to Attend One of Our
2018 Private Wealth Seminars

1. It's jam-packed with exclusive insights, proven techniques and tips on seeing tremendous profit.

2. It will introduce you to the most profitable sectors, including those you've been skeptical about.

3. Our speakers are made up of some of the greatest minds in the industry. You couldn't ask for a better group of people to guide you to financial freedom.

4. The Oxford Club has a reputation for publishing top-notch investment insights and recommendations - including those smaller, more under-the-radar plays revealed only at these types of meetings.

5. We design these meetings to be entirely hands-on. You can begin investing as you learn.

6. The experts will walk you through each recommendation step by step.

7. You can expect 100% no-nonsense research to be presented.

8. You'll find your investing groove, breaking the chains that have been holding your returns hostage.

9.You'll get the knowledge to be able to cover your initial registration fee within a few short months or even weeks of the meeting from the profitable insights that will be shared.

10. Everything we do is geared toward your success. Because when you succeed, we succeed.

Most importantly, our experts will reveal their personal strategies you can use to slingshot your investments by 10X... 100X... or a possible rare 1,000X over time.

So, if you're seriously committed to paving the way to major profits in the coming year...

You'll take action today.

By doing so, I'm confident you'll be stepping into a very profitable future.

Below are the registration fees for each event.

Chairman's Circle Members


Director's Circle Members




We also offer a social option for spouses and guests who would like to take part in our dining and social gatherings only. The cost is $95 and includes two breakfasts, two lunches and a welcome reception and dinner.

Act Fast and Save $300 on Your Registration

If you hurry, you can join us at an exclusive discounted rate...

Remember, attendance is filled on a first-come, first-served basis...

And once we've reached 100 registrants, the event will officially be closed.

As a special thank you to our most loyal Members, we're offering an early bird discount to those who register immediately.

By reserving your space before April 1, 2018, for our Whistler event and before July 1, 2018, for our Kiawah Island event, you'll receive $300 off the regular price.

That brings the fee for Chairman's Circle Members down to $795, the fee for Director's Circle down to $895 and the fee for premier Members down to $995.

I must warn you, these meetings are our most popular and, for obvious reasons, tend to sell out fast.

So my question to you is not whether you'll attend, but which location you'll choose.

To guarantee your space, click on an option below.

If you're serious about making 2018 your breakthrough year, I urge you to act today.

I've also secured your discounted room rate at both properties on the chance that you'd like to arrive early, or perhaps extend your stay.

To check out our incredible Members-only rate at The Fairmount Chateau in Whistler, British Columbia, Canada click here now.

To register for our Private Wealth Seminar in Kiawah Island at The Sanctuary Resort, click here.

As always, it would be my great pleasure to have you join me at either of these fantastic locations in 2018.

And I will make sure your time with us at this special event is one of the most worthwhile trips you'll ever take... at least until you join us at the next Oxford Club gathering.

I look forward to welcoming you!

Steven King
Event Director
The Oxford Club

P.S. As I mentioned above, the deadline to receive our special discounted pricing is April 1 for the Whistler seminar and July 1 for the Kiawah seminar. But there's a good chance we'll sell out well before those dates. I urge you to click on the corresponding box above to reserve your spot at your preferred 2018 Private Wealth Seminar destination!