How to kiss a man

How to Kiss a Man: Most Powerful Kissing Tips to Keep Him Coming Back for More 

Dating is the time for first impressions that last, so you need to get the important things right. Kissing is one of them. If you're a woman who really likes someone, you want to make sure that when he kisses you, he will want to do it again and again. What you're about to read is a take on this subject from a man's perspective. As someone who has kissed a number of women not long after the first date, these are my reflections and thoughts on what made some kisses very ordinary, while others, spectacular.

And I have to say ... statistically speaking, the enjoyable kisses were about 5 percent of them all. The rest were very ordinary, even unpleasant. Maybe the women in their 40s that I've kissed are not representative of the entire female population, but in my opinion, there are certainly a lot of women out there who have no idea what to do. So here are some important things to remember:

Before You Even Think About Kissing a Man

Make sure your lips are soft and warm. There's nothing more unpleasant than a passionate moment that ends abruptly because you've rubbed your lips on someone else's scales. Use a lip balm to keep your lips soft and exfoliate them with a toothbrush and warm water.

Make sure you smell good. This means choosing your perfumes and body powders carefully. There's nothing worse than kissing someone who smells like grandma. If you want to be sensual, think 'young and fresh' when selecting these things. Also, look after yourself and bathe regularly, because body odour or stale perspiration is a real turn-off. As for your breath ... need I say more?

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