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A requirement came up the other day, for a quick and easy way of detecting and displaying duplicate items in a SharePoint List. When you create a map,as a BizTalk developer, you should make sure that you build it with a good and optimal solution. In this article, we will explain the benefits of using global variable in one of the real-life scenarios. As a BizTalk developer, you found out a problem in the current solution that when you upload a file with 10,000 records, it takes more that 15 minutes to process this file. We need to call the external assembly to pick up value from a lookup table for 1 time instead of 10,000 times.

So, without using a global variable if we have 10,000 records in the source schema it will hit the database table for 10,000 times.
In this article we illustrated how to use the global variable in BizTalk mapper and explained how global variable can improve the performance of a BizTalk solution.
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It allows us to perform, in a simple and visual manner, transformations between XML messages.

If we have 10,000 records in source schema , then it will hit a database table for 10,000 times.
On the other hand, when we use the global variable, it will hit the database table for 1 time.

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