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There’s a new breed of sandbox coming, it’s the zombie survival sandbox that we’ve come to know and love with DayZ and now The WarZ. When you look a little deeper however, each g ame offers its own unique differences that change the experience as a whole. DayZ features one official map, Chernarus, a 225km2 post-soviet state that features cities along its southern coastline, lots of farmland and villages – with military bases to the north. Besides the official map, the mod also has many unofficial maps that are constantly growing in number. WarZ initially supports one map, a re-imagining of Colorado that comes in just a little smaller than DayZ’s Chernarus. Players will be able to travel between locations, maintaining their currently equipped gear. Additionally WarZ also supports stronghold maps, small 4-5km2 maps in which players can shape their own world.
DayZ’s Chernarus features a wide variety of locations, cities, towns, tiny villages, farms, military bases, airfields, and lots of lots of mountainous forest-filled landscape.
Other maps feature a wide variety of terrains, from desert to jungle and even a recreation of the city of Fallujah – featuring over 3,000 buildings. WarZ’s Colorado is a mixture of towns and cities, much more closely populated than the marathon simulator that DayZ has come to be known. The cities in WarZ feel a lot smaller in in DayZ however it is more densely populated with large buildings and skyscrapers. DayZ is a mod for military simulator ArmA II, so naturally it has brought across a lot more realistic gameplay mechanics. With the standalone DayZ hopes to offer diseases, from malaria to the infection itself – players will have to be careful not to spread diseases to other players.
DayZ’s arsenal is primarily focused on guns, everything from pistols, to assault rifles and sniper rifles. Firefights are semi-realistic with almost everything you would expect from a military simulator except for wind deflection. WarZ has spread its weapons pretty evenly across both the melee and gun categories, offering things like bats and pickaxes for melee combat and pistols, shotguns, sniper rifles, assault rifles and more for the gun nuts. WarZ does actually feature missions; however they are created by users themselves rather than NPCs.
Whether you need more medical supplies, or need protection while travelling – players can create any mission they want and then decide on the reward.
In the standalone, the creator hopes to offer the ability to salvage parts from other cars and to craft your own cars with parts you find. Guild Wars 2 composer Lena Chappelle has announced that she will be leaving ArenaNet today in order to seek new opportunities. Chad Moore has revealed the results of the latest DevConnect and a list of WildStar quality-of-life features the devs will add to the MMO. Against all odds, two No Man's Sky players manage to meet each other in-game and are unable to see each other, leading many to believe planets are instanced. New Overwatch high bandwidth servers arrive to the online FPS starting today, dramatically improving the game's responsiveness. The first video in the Sea of Thieves Short Haul series showcases how instruments can be used by players in the upcoming piracy-themed sandbox. DayZ has become one of the Shacknews community's favorite games, with a dedicated server for community members to set up shop and go on raids around nearby towns. New Twist: Yotopia ( Salvation City ) the last human standing city where the society elites and the rich still live away from the infection. Good luck to them, I was thinking we might have some serious competition, but after seeing it earlier I am not to concerned now.
I know Karwin is pissed off as they ripped some of the scenes from his 2017 trailer and put it into there own. As for the game, the videos I have seen shown that the modeling is pretty bad and the AI mission triggers and actions seems to be lagging the servers down way to much, so players are starting to work out its no where near what it promised it will be.
Its a shame really, if they had been open and decent from the start we all could have worked together and helped them make a better mod.
For those experiences alone I'm rethinking all the AI stuff I wanted to add to my server.
It makes me quite angry that a few pictures get to eurogamer, they think oo this looks good, do an article and the mod gets loads of players and attention.
However the thing is every post I have seen on people summarising there thoughts on the mod have been really bad, so its not likely to last. So essentially Dayz Commander and Martin are currently supporting a mod that is not open to the public, run for profit and steals other peoples code. It's really unfortunate that this has befallen Taviana, which is a really amazing map.
Funny you mentioned someone released the server files and that's when alex came here looking for allies, because it was me who released them lol. I gave them to ersan at DayZ.ST and the following day alex then came out public that he would release them to everyone else. The only reason i did what i did, was because of how they were controlling the server files, and i didnt agree with it. In my opinion what these are doing is far beyond the whole Vilayer fiasco, but nothing gets done about them. Would be a real shame for it to effect 2017 mate, i know the hard work you and your team have put into it. I would like to do something on A3 and I think after next release I will put the tools down for a while. Like the title suggests, Origins is meant to tell the back story of the DayZ outbreak (not officially). New Car parts loot: Different engine parts types, Tiers and additional car parts that effect survivor made vehicles looks, speed, power, sounds and durability. Rest in tent feature: Survivors can build special tents to rest during night to recover health and store more supplies. I thought Dean was specifically working with his brother to create a “real” virus and backstory for it and the game? Help support DayZ Intel and keep us going by either disabling your Ad Blocker on DayZ Intel, or buying a sweet t-shirt!. Here’s a complete guide on exactly how the mechanics of the DayZ Battle Royale mod work! After 5 minutes, you’ll see a message appear on screen to let you know the carpet bombings are about to begin. This week – DayZ Battle Royale is being released to the public in an early open alpha. Initially all these servers will be official and they’ll be connected up to the official Battle Royale database which will tally up the winners and provide instant access to a real-time Battle Royale winners league! In the future the mod’s creator plans on releasing server files for the public to host their own games with a variety of different options to chose from. You need to sort your shit out… me and my friends have been trying to separately join servers, and they fill up in less than a second. Loving this wait for an hour, just to have the same damn people flood in and not letting others play. I find a stash of assorted items; can of soda, couple rounds of ammo and a bigger backpack to store all of my new finds along with a can of beans to help subside my hunger.

This guy was clearly not on my side, and at that moment he pulled out a hatchet and quickly chopped my weak body into a lovely smear of blood on the floor. Some of you may be intimidated by this borderline masochist behavior that you’re forced into submission by on a second by second basis in DayZ, but I must tell you my dear friends that this is the pure magic that is DayZ. When DayZ first launched there was no code of conduct created by players, and it was considered the true wild wild west with hoards of the flesh hungry undead. The lone wolf survivors who occasionally bump into players but avoid most human interaction in trade of simply getting by day to day.
The bandits, normally these people travel in groups, raping, pillaging and destroying everything in their path. You’ll most likely meet lone wolf players in your journey through DayZ as well, with one of the other two from time to time. It’s easy to sit here and tell you all of the great that is in DayZ, but at the same time it would be just as easy to explain how DayZ is not in fact a full and complete game. In addition to the countless digital miles filled with towns, radio towers, cabins, cities, factories, military bases and everything else in between…DayZ features an impressive array of weaponry and items to collect. However all is not lost as a full release of the popular mod is on it’s way, simply entitled The WarZ. It’s strongly recommend that if you dare venture into this post-apocalyptic town that you do your research on the various help guides on the net, and understand that this game is not for the faint of heart, and does not forgive you for your mistakes. Hailing from the mighty mighty east coast, Eric has spent the majority of his life being a passionate and devoted gamer. From the 80's all the way up to today, Eric has played countless games over the years for various systems, all the while never truly becoming the dreaded "fan boy" of a particular console. Favorite Systems: The Nintendo NES, Sega Dreamcast, PlayStation 1, Xbox & Xbox 360, Super Nintendo, Virtual Boy, Neo Geo AES, PC gaming and the Atari 2600!
At the core, both games offer the same experience – survivors are thrown in to a large open world where they must scavenge for supplies to survive, fighting against zombies and other players in a world where people make their own rules. As DayZ becomes a standalone game, it will continue to use a revamped version of Chernarus – making all the buildings enterable and expanding the playable area. Currently survivors can visit Lingor Island, Utes, Takistan, Fallujah, Panthera, and Zargabad – check out our DayZ Map List to find out more about all currently available maps, including reviews. Featuring Cities, towns, forests and rivers that sprawl across the map, Colorado is one of many locations that the WarZ will offer.
This is a feature DayZ does not have, however it’s something the community is working on supporting with the mod in future.
The cities are scaled down in size compared to a real life one, opting to spread out across more land with low-lying buildings. Players will find themselves visiting towns and cities for food, medical supplies and other civilian loot before heading to the airfields and military bases for high-end weaponry and military gear.
With less running, players reach their destination faster and unlike the European setting of its counterpart, survivors will visit traditional American diners, trailer parks and lake-side villages. From the outside you can see how small the area actually is, but when inside one of the cities you get the feeling of being in a large city – aimlessly wandering the streets. While players can rush through zombies, they have limited energy which when depleted will allow the zombies to catch up. Players have to worry about eating and drinking regularly otherwise they may starve or dehydrate and die.
This will add a whole new level of gameplay, sometimes you may not want to play with your friends if they are sick, requiring healing first.
Hunger and thirst must be cared for, but medically players can only bleed or catch the zombie virus – requiring medical supplies to treat bleeding or to fight off the zombie infection. There is a much heavier focus on melee combat in WarZ, with guns being extremely rare to spawn and ammo being almost the rarest item in the game.
The guns feel a lot more like an arcade game, with some weapons performing unrealistically, rather than how they do in real life.
In the sandbox, there’s something we like to call emergent gameplay, and that’s when an unpredicted way of playing the game arises due to the way players interact with each other using the tools available in the game.
Initially the DayZ experience was only intended to last a few hours, or two days at most – now players have survived for months on end and are still finding new ways to play and new things to do. Players can put up a notice stating details of a task that must be completed, and the reward they are willing to offer. Players aren’t bound by any rules though, so that person seeking a highly-geared bodyguard may turn out to be a bandit waiting to steal your gear. Examples he gave would be cars having different motors, some more powerful than others and different parts resulting in different performance results. Hopefully this article has given you a better idea of what each has to offer for the aspiring zombie apocalypse survivor. After months of playing through the game, however, at least one Shacker has found the game a little too forgiving.
It may not display this or other websites correctly.You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Players start with level 1 survivor with persistent levelling up , Players lose 1 level each time they die. They are doing the same rusty look with items on the roof and also using the front plough mounted vehicles (no doubt take from our features thread).
I heard they have some civilian models wandering around and combat ready AI, this combined with regular zombie spawns on a map the size of tavianna, well its no wonder they are running into issues. The big issue for me is the amount of exposure this is getting, eurogamer has just done an article on origins. Totally oblivious to the fact the people involved have ripped people off, stole code without permission, not given credit where it is due. Surely he wouldn't put this kind of crap on Dayz Commander after what happened with Panthera. I am kind really questioning if I should be entertaining the player base with new content until SA comes out and doing this all for free,, when others are out to make a buck. I feel like just sticking around here now and ignoring the rest of the so called community (I don't mean R4Z0R49 and co who are a good bunch).
Like I say I will get out the next release of 2017 as there is some pretty special stuff in it, but after that I will have chat with the guys on the team (who are a great bunch) and see what they want to do. The more I have got into doing this the less I realise how Zombies are not the important part. At this point you’ll see a message appear on screen alerting you to the fact that the end-zone will be in place in 10 minutes. After taking some initial feedback from the community and maybe tweaking a few features, Battle Royale will be pushed onto DayZ Commander and the amount of servers will be dramatically increased. Server admins will be able to customize things like the loot spawns, vehicle spawns and the length of the game. For those of you who have been on the edge or just hearing about the infamous DayZ mod for the realistic shooter Arma II, you’ll want to check out this in depth review! I knew he was now going to loot my worthless corpse, and before I could soak in that I was just set up. DayZ is NOT for casual gamers, and it is most certainly not for those who do not like an honest, gut wrenching and teeth sweating challenge. Various improvements are being made over the original game (which may I remind is actually still in it’s Alpha stage!) and is being aimed at release in December of 2012 or first quarter 2013. But to simply sit here and list out the bad in the game would not be doing it proper justice, as it’s almost on par with an odd social experiment that players need to experience for themselves to truly understand and enjoy what makes this game so special.

I don’t think the answer is which is better, rather which is more suited to your style of zombie sandbox.
This isn’t intended to be a definitive comparison, but instead an informative article to help you decide which is game is better suited for you.
Some players built large gladiator arena’s and trapped hundreds of zombies inside, others set up marketplaces. Not currently considered a threat to players, if attracted zombies cannot catch a player who keeps running, and can be lost by running through a building or bush.
Additionally players have to worry about staying warm or else they may catch a cold, you can break your leg or begin bleeding – all requiring medical supplies to heal.
For those unfortunate enough not to have guns, there are hatchets and crowbars to pick up and fight with. It doesn’t take many hits to die, so players must be careful when encountering players with guns.
An example is the shotgun, which has a ridiculously wide bullet spread at an incredibly short range – making it pretty near useless. The ultimate vehicle for players however is the helicopter, the only (non-modded) aircraft available in DayZ.
Both games are still under heavy development  and are being shaped with the help of their communities, whichever side of the fence you sit on there’s plenty to look forward to. Sure, there are brain-eating zombies running all over the place, but there are many ways to dispatch the ambling undead.
But he was pulled back in after spending years in QA circles for both THQ and Activision, mostly spending time helping to push forward the Guitar Hero series at its peak. At one point, I killed a player, bandaged my wounds, looted the body, and started to leave before spontaneously dieing to a gunshot from the firefight. Surrounded by walls and protected by elite mercenaries, getting in this city will be no easy task, though if you do, you’ll have top chance to find some incredible loot. It may be a good idea to quickly check the contents to see if you’ve got a weapon or not.
Fully repaired vehicles are dotted around the map and you may even be lucky enough to find a helicopter or a boat. It will appear on your map as a large blue circle and every 5 minutes it will shrink smaller and a smaller until only the small final zone remains.
Twitch Streamers and YouTubers will be able to open up private games for their subscribers.
I quickly realize that I have no compass on me, so I quickly check the sky to see if I can properly identify the Northern Star…no luck because tonight is a cloudy night and near impossible to see any stars. They also tend to have the best weapons, due to their relentless drive to overpower  players, steal their loot and blaze through towns in a hail of bullet casings. They are the holders of peace and the saviors of crime, but in a sick way they behold a murderous streak that rivals the bandits in their countless need to overcome.
The stand alone releases promises various fixes to the underground cult hit, including a more user friendly curve that fixes on the major issues in DayZ right now, including it’s pesky inventory system that requires a great deal of patience to learn, but is strangely intuitive at the same time. As a new style of game, there’s plenty of room in this town for more than one game – but which is for you? Shooting in DayZ plays much like a military simulator, with more advanced features and a ton of assigned keys.
Players find vehicle parts around the world they can use to repair vehicles, and must also keep them fueled. Fast-forwarding to the year 2017, zombies continue to roam the earth and the human population is quickly running out of defenses. Ozzie has become a big fan of platformers, puzzle games, shooters, and RPGs, just to name a few genres, but he’s also a huge sucker for anything with a good, compelling narrative behind it. But its almost like they are doing it to try and be popular then really thinking about the mods atmosphere and feel. Several other times in cqc I dodge behind someone, but while I was turning back to shoot, I watched them line up a shot 180* away from me and bam, dead.
It was not until someone else released the files that sudddenly Alex turned up here looking for allies. When it does, everyone runs to the centre of the circle to a small encampment area and grabs a backpack filled with random loot and a map.
You should watch out for care package drops as they’re fairly common and spawn pretty decent loot. Event organisers will have a straightforward and reliable way of hosting planned events, which could open up DayZ to a whole new world of e-sports which previously only a select few have been able to do successfully. I realized that while I was running I had alerted one undead on my way here and now, I’ve attracted far too much attention, and that my time may be outnumbered.
All of those hours, items, struggle and careful planning were destroyed in a moments notice.
Once we were trying an ambush on the bridge and a player got out of his car, walked through our barricade, shot me with his pistol, got in a car on the other side without being visible. I think as we're about openesss he saw that as means to associate himself away from the closed approach they had up until then. The random loot  is made up of a small variety of basic weapons, medical supplies and survival supplies. Take out as many of your competitors as possible at this early stage – remember this is one life only and there can only be one winner! But not only will you now have an undead infestation, you’ll most likely alert any players in the area that someone is shooting nearby. There is only one winner in each round of DayZ Battle Royale – if there is more than one player alive at the end of the 90 minutes noone wins and all the remaining survivors are killed.
I pause…turn on my new flashlight to see a non-bandit player hiding in the same shack as me, though hidden in complete darkness with only a faint outline proving his closeness.
The project is led by modder Luke "shinkicker" Hinds, who most recently adapted the Celle map for DayZ. This mod gives you ONE LIFE ONLY and we’ve been in enough test games to know that there are always a few deaths at the beginning from colt python wielding maniacs.
Hanging around unnecessarily will probably make you one of the first casualties and your round will come to an abrupt end! We seek refuge for a brief moment and begin basic conversation, followed by me explaining that I was being chased by a bandit a moment ago.
Geiger points out that the actual practice of engaging zombies remains unchanged in DayZ 2017, but players will need to exercise new strategies before doing so. I asked Geiger about the chances of hidden caches or undiscovered military ammo dumps being placed in remote parts of the world. Geiger answered that there may be a surprise or two, but the team is dead serious about limiting weapons for absolutely everyone.
But there are also cutthroat ne'er-do-wells out solely for themselves, living to backstab others and steal their supplies. We'll just have to see what the results are."Geiger has been a member of the Shacknews community since 2010.

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