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CCLEANER 3.01 A? un software gratuito, in italiano, che consente di ripulire il sistema di tutti quei file che lo appesantiscono inutilmente. OPERA 11 - Ultima versione del browser per la navigazione internet, con piA? stabilitA  e uove funzioni. Google Chrome A? un browser che combina un design semplice ad una tecnologia sofisticata che rende piA? veloce, facile e sicuro l'uso del Web. WinRAR permette di unire e comprimere piA? file in un unico archivio, in modo intuitivo e veloce, grazie ad una interfaccia grafica avanzata e all'integrazione con "Esplora risorse" di Windows. ACROBAT READER 10 - Adobe Reader A? un software freeware che consente di visualizzare e stampare i file Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) su svariate piattaforme software e hardware. WINDOWS LIVE MESSENGER 2011 - for Windows 7 & Vista - Live Messenger si aggiorna per divetare da oggi Social! SKYPE 5.1 - Chiama e videochiama dal tuo computer gratis altri utenti Skype e con pochissimo fissi e cellulari in tutto il mondo! When talking about file archiving and data compression, WinZip is among the most popular tools.
The installation process completes within a few seconds since you have to deal with such a lightweight  utility. 7-Zip is simple enough for beginners, but it's also well-suited for more powerful users who can spend great time exploring its’ amazing features.

What we liked most about 7-Zip is the split tool which lets you break your archive into equal parts.
The application handles most archive formats, including RAR, ZIP, TAR, GZ, LZH, LZA, ARJ and ISO, but it also brings its own format, namely 7z. To conclude, 7-Zip is a freeware compression tool that works with many formats and brings lots of useful tools. Takes some time to learn how to handle the app, but once you understand how it works, it performs great! It’s one of the best free compression tool that can easily extract most popular compressions such as ZIP and RAR.I’m very satisfied, it never let me down. La versone di WinZip 12 A? compatibile per Windows 2000 - Windows XP (SP2) - Windows Vista. WinRAR is a paid product, but  is also a handy and powerful solution, which, due to its blazing fast compression ratio , has won many supporters . If you fear that somebody may open your personal archive without your permission, you can set a password to protect your data. A few quick examples are the Benchmark function, the ability to create solid and self-extracting archives, the split tool and the ability to adjust the compression level. If you are bored with WinZip and you don’t want to buy WinRAR, we strongly recommend to give 7-Zip at least a try.

So I think that there is no reason to depend on paid products when we have much better alternatives.
Una soluzione semplice per un'eccellente protezione.Rappresenta la migliore protezione antivirus disponibile sul mercato. Questo permette non solo di riceve aggiornamenti dai vari servizi in tempo reale, ma anche di chattare con i propri contatti. Neither WinRAR nor WinZip don’t seem to be lacking in features and functionality, but you can try 7-Zip as well. It resembles the look of other compression tools, but 7-Zip also comes in handy with file manager and a command line to search.
Some basic functions for managing files which include extract, add, copy, move and delete options can be found under the control panel.

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