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The only real good question is: how to perform custom task on a given file extension thanks to the former XP folder options \ File types tab.
In order to avoid being attacked, some crucial system files and folders hide themselves in Windows system.
Note: You should hide these files and folders immediately if your computer isn’t infected with viruses. Because if you were then you would have known that there are a lot of beginners out there that appreciate such tips.
If you want to open the folders in new window then select option “Open each folder in its own window”.

The default setting is “Double-Click to open an item (single-click to select): You can also select option “Underline icon titles consistent with my browser” to make the icon folders underlined. In non indexed locations search file names only: Here you can set up what needs to be searched in indexed and on indexed locations. If you are a regular user it is not recommended to select this option because you wouldn’t want to change the program files in your computer.
If some hidden system files and folders are damaged, your PC will have unexpected problems. Option “Underline icon titles only when I point at them” will underline the icons of the folders when you hover over them.

By using this option you can do complex search using simple English sentences and keywords. If you wonder what is hidden in your system, you can make changes to your system settings to find them out.
If you have any computer annoyances, please contact DooFix providing professional PC tech support.

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