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I want to upgrade my Vista 64-bit edition to Windows 7 64-bit, so I've installed and run the Windows 7 Compatibility Test.
Thank you for the list, however it seems that although, as you say, nothing much should have changed between Vista and 7, the majority of usb wireless adapters with Vista 64 drivers (such as my own, a Zyxel G-202) are not compatible. It is hard to recommend any over any others - Nearly all modern wireless adapters that are on the market right now (especially N based devices as these are newer) are fully compatible with Windows 7.
Although, personally for me, for home machines, I just look for the cheapest place that has a Realtek chip on it - nearly all wireless cards from unknown manufacturers contain one of a handfull of reference designs and I have never had a problem with the Realtek ones*.
Xyxel WUSB600N has a driver for win7-64bit, but it is not on the CD, you have to get it from the Xyxel website.
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Will I see enough improvement moving from EF-S to "L" lenses to warrant the cost? Windows 7 is a far cry from the problems that plagued its predecessor, Windows Vista, but fact is that resources designed to help customers deal with eventual incompatibility issues are always welcomed (Read the Windows 7 Softpedia Review here). At the start of this week I told you about another compatibility resource available from Microsoft, also free of charge. Notice: Unless stated otherwise, the graphical resources uploaded to this site are NOT for commercial use. Kriterien fur das Windows-7-Logo Unter welchen Bedingungen Hard- und Software das Logo »Compatible with Windows 7« erhalt, hat Microsoft in seinem Windows-Blog nochmal genauer ausgefuhrt. Nur ein Logo fur die Kompatibilitat von Hard- und Software – und nicht wie bei Windows Vista mehrere fur unterschiedliche Betriebssystem-Versionen – soll Windows 7 bekommen. Unter welchen Bedingungen Gerate und Software das Logo fur Windows-7-Kompatibilitat erhalten, hat Microsoft kurz vor dem Marktstart des Betriebssystems im Windows-Blog nun nochmals umrissen. Klebt ein solcher Aufkleber auf der Packung, mussen Anwender sicher sein konnen, dass das Produkt mit jeder Windows-7-Version lauft, sei es die 32- oder 64-Bit-Version.
Eben genau darauf soll man ja hinarbeiten, das in Zukunft Hardware und Treiber problemlos miteinander arbeiten.

The only item that is being highlighted as incompatible is my Zyxel G-202 wireless usb network device.
These should also be compatible with Windows 7 since to my knowledge the network stack hasn't changed much. I've done some research and there are many forum posts from users in my situation (migrating from Vista to 7) that find themselves with incompatible devices. Just bought a Netgear Wireless-N 300 USB Adapter WN 111 v.2 and Windows 7 did not recognize the adapter although it seemed to install all right.
Even though Windows 7's built in support is better, I would still use the newest version from their site. Just ahead of the official launch of the latest Windows client, Microsoft went live with a new compatibility center focused on Vista’s successor. Customers with older PCs looking to sniff out compatibility issues associated with Windows 7 can leverage the Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor. We have thousands of products listed and will continue to add thousands more over the coming months. Das hat Microsoft bereits im Marz anlasslich der Eroffnung eines Zertifizierungs-Labors in China erklart (siehe »Windows-7-Logo fur PCs und Software«).
Absturze, Bluescreens oder Fehler, die die Stabilitat des Systems beeintrachtigen, will Microsoft gar nicht mehr sehen. Microsoft-Partner erhalten das Betriebssystem beziehungsweise spatere Versionen grundsatzlich fruher, um genug Zeit zur Anpassung ihrer Produkte zu haben. These Microsoft designed tests minimize the possibility of crashes, hangs and reboots, and represent that WindowSMART will continue to work over the life of both Windows 8 and Windows 7. WindowSMART 2015 has been tested to meet all of the technical requirements to be WindowsA® 8 Compatible. To make it easy, Microsoft recommends a€?Compatible with Windows 7a€? applications because they have passed Microsoft-designed tests to help ensure they install readily every time and minimize the number of crashes, hangs, and restarts that you experience. While this submission authorizes us to display the WindowsA® 8 Compatible logo, it can take 4-6 weeks for software to get listed in the Compatibility Center.

Telephone support at Netgear tells me, they don't have a driver yet that works with Windows 7.
The Windows 7 Compatibility Center went live on October 22nd, 2009, and is currently available at no cost for all users who are looking to see whether a certain software solution or a hardware product will play nice with Windows 7. The RTM versions of the Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor is currently up for grabs via the Microsoft Download Center. As a result, the Windows 7 Compatibility Center and Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor will be regularly updated with more products,” Relph added. Software bearing the a€?Windows 8 Compatiblea€? and a€?Compatible with Windows 7a€? logos installs cleanly and reliably, eliminates unnecessary reboots and ensures compatibility with Windows 8 and Windows 7, in both their 32-bit and 64-bit editions. The WindowsA® 8 Compatible logo is displayed in accordance with the Windows 8 and Windows RT Compatible Logo Usage Guidelines.
This all helps ensure a compatible and reliable experience with any edition of Windows 7, including 64-bit. Therfore if you visit the Compatibility Center, you may only see our Windows 7 certification. The utility will evaluate Windows Vista and Windows XP computers and will assess their Windows 7 upgrade readiness. Gut, es funktioniert alles, aber das erwarte ich auch ohne Logo, schließlich wollen die Hersteller ja was verkaufen.
Da ist alles einheitlich was Soft und Hardware angeht, man erreicht also ein höheres Niveau was die Performance angeht.

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