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Four Diamond Award-winning resort extends longtime association with VingCard Elsafe by installing next-generation technology. VingCard Elsafe, the global leader in hospitality security and part of the ASSA ABLOY Group, announces that the iconic Grande Colonial Hotel in La Jolla, California, has completed a property-wide upgrade to VingCard Elsafe's Classic RFID locking system. VingCard Elsafe's suite of RFID locking systems feature contactless access control via Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) encoded communication and secure anti-cloning software.
With so many luxury hotels expected to make the switch to RFID locks in the coming months, the move was necessary to ensure that Grande Colonial stays ahead of the technological curve, says General Manager Terrence Underwood. In addition to the RFID locking system, Grande Colonial also deploys VingCard Elsafe's line of SENTINEL II safes in all guestrooms. VingCard Elsafe is the world leader in developing locking systems and electronic in-room safes for the hospitality industry, offering user-friendly security systems that meet the unique operational needs of hotels and resorts.
About Grande Colonial Hotel Ideally situated in the beachfront village of La Jolla, California, the Grande Colonial Hotel is a 2012 AAA Four Diamond Award winner and a historic beauty that honors its traditions yet offers contemporary amenities and services beyond other La Jolla hotels near San Diego. Continuando la navigazione del sito acconsenti all'uso dei Cookie secondo la nostra policy di Utilizzo dei Cookie. Nearly double reading speed and distance of industry leading RFID locking system from VingCard thanks to next-generation technology advancements. ASSA ABLOY brand VingCard Elsafe, the global leader in hospitality security, announces newly implemented enhancements to the electronics and lock control units of its best-in-class RFID locking systems that are providing an even more satisfying guest experience, while building upon the company’s strident security standards.
Recent advancements to VingCard’s RFID locking technology—which include, among other improvements, a newly optimized internal antenna—have increased the reading speed of the systems by almost 50 percent. Since VingCard Elsafe introduced RFID locking technology in 2006 it has installed more than half a million RFID locks at properties around the globe.
Essence by VingCard eliminates all lock hardware on the door by encasing all electronic components inside the door itself.

FacilitiesNet subscriptions include free email newsletters from our facility-industry brands. Through its visual expression, the VingCard DaVinci lock system contributes to any hotel's image.
The installation, which replaced older magnetic-stripe locks in all 93 guestrooms, continues the luxury resort's decade-long association with VingCard Elsafe. Recent advancements to VingCard Elsafe's RFID technology has enabled RFID locks to read keycards from more than twice as far as before. Sticking with VingCard Elsafe was an easy decision, he says, particularly since the Classic RFID locks are stylishly designed to easily retrofit doors that previously housed VingCard Elsafe mag-stripe locks.
Due to Grande Colonial's proximity to the Pacific Ocean, the salty air tends to wreak havoc on mechanical parts, including the old mag-stripe readers.
State-of-the-art SENTINEL II by Elsafe UL-listed safes employ the latest locking technology, including anti-tamper labyrinths and solid-steel hinges, placing it on par with the most secure in-room safes in the world. Built in 1913 as the Colonial Apartment and Hotel, the Grande Colonial was a trailblazer in its day. By continuing to browse this website without changing your browser cookie settings, you agree to let us store cookies. Integrates radio frequency identification (RFID) and near field communication (NFC) compatible locking technologies.
Developed for an international market, the VingCard has been adapted for use in different markets.
Additionally, VingCard Elsafe RFID locks are designed to be easily adapted to Near Field Communication (NFC)-technology that is expected to be in widespread use globally within a few years and which will enable travelers to use mobile devices as room keys. Because RFID is contactless, and the lock's mechanics are completely encased, the time and effort the resort spends dealing with lock maintenance will drop dramatically.

With its industry-leading audit trail, spring-loaded door and Flash-RAM memory, the safe is perfect for protecting guests' valuables, and the attractive, adaptable design makes it ideal for any hotel environment. Its original white wood-framed building was the first lodging facility in downtown La Jolla and saw today's tourist town grow around it. In addition, one of the key factors in VingCard Elsafe’s decision to develop this technology was its ability to eliminate a concern with traditional magstripe keycards.
The hotel is footsteps away from lovely beaches, including Blacks Beach, La Jolla Cove, La Jolla Shores, and Windansea Beach, and is the preferred choice of boutique hotels near San Diego attractions such as Torrey Pines Golf Course and State Park. Magstripe cards are easily de-magnetized by being kept in close proximity to cell phones and guest keycards must often be re-encoded. The Grande Colonial hotel has played an integral role in the La Jolla beach community for nearly a century. RFID technology effectively eliminates that issue, and has proven to be a more secure and reliable platform overall. Arild Tangen, controller + 4 consulting companies and a number of employees at the VingCard factory. Be connected set-screws still tightened payment information proprietary to endless possibilities. Sustainability, replacing brass-plated materials with the company implemented enhancements. Installations, sales, electronic between vingcard installations, sales, electronic lock for other locks-wholesale.

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