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The village of Sagres Algarve is a picturesque fishing port which dates back to before the Roman conquest.
The Fortress – An imposing National Monument dated from the 15th century, offering superb coastal views. The coast of Sagres Algarve extends to the north and east of Cabo de São Vicente (Cape St.
Praia da Mareta - Close to the village, this beach provides calm waters, a good starting point for diving.
Praia da Baleeira - Very popular for surfing, windsurfing and body board, depending on the sea conditions.
Praia do Tonel - Close to the Fortress, it has good views of the Sagres Point and Cabo de São Vicente.
Praia da Cordoama - A long strip of sand in a large bay surrounded by steep cliffs near Vila do Bispo. The region of Sagres Algarve offers amazing holiday experiences, ranging from fishing, sailing, surfing, kite surfing, trekking and windsurfing to snorkelling, diving, paragliding, dolphin and bird watching.
Sagres Algarve has several fairs, popular events and celebrations throughout the year, namely the festivities in honour of Nº Sra. With the sea at its feet, it is no wonder that the main gastronomy of Sagres Algarve is focused on fresh fish and seafood: grilled bream, fish bouillabaisse (Caldeirada), goose barnacles, fish pasta stew, cuttlefish or fried moray are among the many typical, delicious dishes.

Village of Pedralva – An ancient village that was reconstructed and brought back to life. Budens - A picturesque village with an antique fountain and tank, and a typical lime kiln. Sagres Golf Courses Algarve – Budens (Parque de Floresta) - A fascinating course with visually attractive views of the surrounding countryside lined on the horizon by the sea. Sagres is historically connected to the Portuguese Age of the Discoveries, providing a mythical atmosphere linked to the enigmatic figure of Prince Henry the Navigator. You can choose from holiday villas located in orange groves, hilltop windmills with outstanding views, luxury villas and manor houses with tennis courts. Or just simply enjoy a boat trip and gaze at the most beautiful sunsets… The natural landscape presents different species of flora and fauna well worth exploring. Da Graça (Our Lady of Grace), the patron saint of Sagres, which take place in mid-August and always offer a varied assortment of concerts, choirs, dance parties and exhibitions.
Especially In the summer months, and from the time the bars close, the place is packed with fun seekers. De tva forsta (Mariebergsskogen och Sunne Vattenland) innehaller en massa detaljer som inte syns pa bilden. Vicent and Sagres promontory stand on the south westernmost point of Portugal, forming the end of the European Coastal Path.

In Sagres Algarve nature combines itself with history and creates a unique region that is well worth a visit. Check out our last minute super deals for available weeks left in one of the beautiful holiday villas we offer.
These days Sagres is well-known for its fine beaches, and is a very popular spot among the surfers.
There are many beautiful beaches around Sagres Algarve, and they are a great alternative to the busiest holiday destinations.
The municipality of Vila do Bispo with its many menhirs bear witness to prehistoric rites. From private pools and gardens, some with private tennis courts, jacuzzi, pooltable till Morrocan interiors, modern,Asian, you name it we have your ideal holiday villa in the Algarve, Portugal. Some are small beaches nestled between the cliffs, almost wild and quite isolated; others broad expanses of fine white sand that stretch away to the horizon. Vincent, the Discoveries, and the fact that it also suffered in a big degree the effects of the 1755 earthquake.

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