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Fieles a su estilo, el Melbourne Bounce, con claros matices Big Room, el duo italiano VINAI esta de vuelta con una nueva remezcla. Alessandro e Andrea Vinai sono due fratelli produttori Italiani che nel 2011 hanno unito le forze sotto il nome artista A“VINAIA”. Nati a Brescia, i due fratelli Alessandro (1990) e Andrea (1994) iniziarono separatamente le proprie carriere artistiche lavorando a progetti individuali.
Dopo una serie di altre release e collaborazioni, VINAI si uniscono alla grande e rinomata label olandese SpinninA’ Records e agli inizi del 2014 rilasciano la club hit A“RAVEOLOGYA”, la collaborazione con il duo canadese DVBBS. Italian brothers Alessandro & Andrea Vinai are two producers that joined forces in 2011, conquering the worldwide scene with fierce progressive and catchy house grooves, known as A‘big room bounce musicA’. Born in Brescia the two brothers Alessandro (1990) and Andrea (1994) initially work on their own music. After a series of releases and collabs, VINAI joins world renowned Dutch label SpinninA’ Records in 2014 and quickly comes up with its greatest hit up till then, the collab with Canadian duo DVBBS titled A‘RAVEOLOGYA’.
After a string of early singles and remixes they found their own sound and inspiration in the club music style of the world’s major artists of the moment. Guangzhou Face is proud to present to you the young Italian Duo, on October 29th with NO COVER CHARGE!
We were just as excited as you when we first got the news that VINAI will be performing at the Harbour Event Centre on March 21st.
Coming straight out of the raging electronic music scene in Italy, VINAI combine distorted yet uplifting electronic melodies and bass heavy beats with huge build-ups and drops that’ll make you feel like your heart is about to explode out of your chest. Las entradas continúan a la venta al precio de 17 euros la entrada simple y 22 euros la entrada completa (got + 2) en los canales habituales.
El track elegido ha sido el reciente Unstoppable de R3hab, junto a las vocales de la gran Eva Simons, que siempre nos deleita con grandisimos trabajos.

Il logo genere denominato A“Big room bounceA” eA’ alla conquista delle dance floor mondiali. Originariamente promossa sul canale youTube Spinnin Tv come traccia A‘IDA’ ovvero senza rivelare il nome artista, A“RAVEOLOGYA” fu presentata in anteprima mondiale su billboard, famoso e prestigioso portale musicale americano. Sei giorni dopo la release A‘How We PartyA’ divenne numero 1 su Beatport, completato un traguardo incredibile: tre prime posizioni su beatport in meno di otto mesi. Protagonisti italiani di una nuova tendenza musicale, diventando sempre piu popolari, ti fratelli fecero il loro debutto nella DJ Mag Top 100 2014 nella posizione 62.
Originally surfacing as a A‘track IDA’ the song generates a huge amount of hype before being revealed a DVBBS and VINAI production. The full version of A‘RAVEOLOGYA’ is premiered on Billboard, the worldA’s biggest music website and in less than one week reaches #1 of the main Beatport chart. ItA’s the most played track during WMC and Ultra Music festival and reaches the number 1 position on Beatport after five days from release, keeping that spot for 14 days in a row! During the summer the brothers release A‘How We PartyA’ together with Dutch DJ R3hab, premiered live during Tomorrowland when VINAI joins R3hab on the mainstage performing a back2back DJ set. Protagonists of an Italian wave of big room house, gaining more strength by day, the brothers make their DJ Mag Top 100 debut by the end of 2014. This electronic dance music duo has literally taken the world by storm over the last four years, and have brought their unique sound and energetic live sets to all corners of the globe.
Their unique musical style combines elements of traditional Italian hardstyle, trance, and new electro, making it hard to assign them to one particular genre. They both worked on individual projects up until 2011, when they joined forces to create what is now a fast-rising EDM phenomenon. The track will be fully released on January 30th, and we honestly don’t expect it to be any less successful than its predecessors.

Il Loro remix per il disco di Don Diablo A“StarlightA” venne inoltre supportato da djs come Sander Van Doorn, Pete Tong, MAKJ & La Fuente. Dopo 5 giorni dalla sua data di uscita, la traccia raggiunse la prima posizione su beatport e ci restoA’ per quasi 2 settimane. What follows is their remix for Don Diablo, the Axtone release called A‘StarlightA’ which is played by DJs like Sander Van Doorn, Pete Tong, MAKJ & La Fuente. Due to a lot of radio support and promotion, A‘Bounce GenerationA’ exposes VINAI all over the world.
Six days after release A‘How We PartyA’ reaches the number 1 position on Beatport, completing an incredible record: three number 1 spots on Beatport in less than eight months. They are currently in Shanghai, China, and will be hitting up Vietnam, Taiwan, and Japan before heading over for a North American Tour. So, click here and get them while you still can, and get ready to let VINAI take you on an ecstatic musical journey.
Comenzaron produciendo sus temas por separado hasta que en 2011 decidieron unir fuerzas y talentos para convertirse en uno de los estandartes de la EDM.
Por el momento no sabemos si la remezcla sera oficial o no, aunque por lo que parece tiene toda la pinta de que si. Tambien queda por saber la fecha de salida, aunque con el verano a la vuelta de la esquina y la epoca de grandes festivales asomando, no creemos que vayan a tardar mucho.

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