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When I registered for the first time ,the gal came outside looked at my car, and filled all of the information needed in on the form. In the time it took to redact your information and scan it you probably could have called and asked, but it was likely a form you don't need since you already did the registration of the car on site.
It does suck BUT there are no yearly state inspections or emissions tests so I looked at it like it was a wash.

My guess is when you go to get your tags next year you will go online and they will say you have to go to the office with that paper to get your tags because they have no record of it. To ask for information about the impersonator of VIN DIESEL GER compile the form to the right and the site staff will contact you as soon as possible.
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When it was time to renew my license there was a discrepancy on my VIN # that the DMV had versus what my auto insurance company had.

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