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This is an amazing elegant classic 1957 Lincoln continental, original except paint and upolstery has been restored.
This incredible classic has 117,360 miles and is equipped with the extremely rare and desired factory air conditioning, along with power windows, power seats, am town & country radio and more! This mark ii would be perfect for the most astute collector, investor or enthusiast who understands the rarity and investment potential of this great american motorcar. The name 'continental' was inspired by the 1940's Lincoln continental powered by a large 12-cylinder engine.
Bentley had used the name continental on their model line, adding to the ambiance and prestige.
In 1956 the ford motor company formed the continental division for the production of the mark ii.

Its general manager was william clay 'bill' ford, son of edsel ford and grandson of henry ford.
Many people associated the continental as a Lincoln because it featured the trademark Lincoln spare-tire hump in the trunk lid and it was sold and serviced at Lincoln dealerships. The continental division lasted until 1957 when it was merged with Lincoln and the Continental Mark II was added as Lincoln's flagship model.
The name 'continental' would stay with the mark line until the introduction of the mark vii in 1984. The Continental Mark II had an understated beauty; it was elegant without the need to be flamboyant.
Mounted on the hood and in the back was the four-pointed star that later became Lincoln's emblem.

Though sharing many similarities with the thunderbird, these were completely different machines. The continentals were mostly hand made; the paint was applied multiple times and then sanded, double-lacquered, and polished. At the time ford was a private company and was willing to incur these losses but when ford became a public company, losses were not permitted.
Derham and hess & eisenhardt both estimated a convertible conversion to cost $18,000 to custom build.

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