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The Los Angeles Dodgers and iHeartMedia today announced a multi-year agreement renewing AM 570’s broadcast rights of the Dodgers regular season games, select Spring training games and potential post season games.  In addition, the new partnership will include an equity position in the station for the Dodgers owners as well as the opportunity for collaborative programming. The agreement between the Los Angeles Dodgers and iHeartMedia is subject to Major League Baseball approval.
In addition to the team of Vin, Rick and Charley, AM 570’s DodgerTalk show has also been a hit with fans as Kevin Kennedy, David Vassegh and Jorge Jarrin cover the team before and after each and every game. The AM 570 signal covers all five counties in Los Angeles and the station will continue to provide game broadcasts and pre-and post-game shows to the entire Dodger Radio Network, which includes 22 stations across the state and country. I can see this eventually becoming a Dodgers-only radio thing much like SNLA’s Dodgers-only TV thing. Millions of Dodger fans have known Vin Scully their entire lives even though they've never met him. Speaking of the Dodgers, the legend (wait for it) ary broadcaster was himself the subject of this interview on All Things Considered. Scully began working for the Dodgers in 1950, but he wasn’t calling that historic 1951 playoff game with the NY Giants where Pafko was left hanging.
Red had always said to me ‘Never get close to the players, because it psychologically might alter your judgment. I heard him call the play by play last night, he didn’t even have someone in the booth with him.
Does anyone have any good pictures of broadcast teams or TV equipment set up at classic ballparks? I love the look of those oldtime cameras and micropohones against a ballfield, really a classic look.

The Tigers screwed Ernie Harwell in 1992 but they soon realized the error of their ways and brought him back a year later.
Yes, he did his broadcasting from Briggs Stadium's roof level press box (picture 1) until 1941, when he moved to a new box hung from the front of the second deck (pictures 2 & 3). My thoughts on everything that has to do with the old game, autographs, baseball cards, bobbleheads, contests, upcoming appearances, books, etc.
The press box seems too high to be Tigers, yet too close to the plate for me recognize anywhere else. His wife-to-be was Ann Mulvey, and a couple of times I dated her roommate, and the four of us would just go out to dinner, that kind of thing. One of Peter Angelos' biggest mistakes ever (and there have been numerous of those) was to let him go.
He was also the occasional PA announcer for the game as well, using a different microphone (I believe only announcing pinch hitters, otherwise the batters were not announced or introduced at all).
So I remember watching the home run, seeing Ralph, that big body just slump over and walk off. I knew where Ann was sitting, and I remember seeing her with a handkerchief up over her face.
Also, what must be teletype machines click away throughout the broadcast in the background. Without a doubt, next year, my gosh, what’s that saying, talk about next year and make the devil laugh? It was kind of a low-ceiling press box, so I was hunched over, leaning over Red—not touching him, but leaning, watching the home run.

Now, it was deathly quiet in our clubhouse, not a sound, but just across a very short hallway was the Giants clubhouse, and I mean, they were going wild! It’s bad enough to lose, but to hear the guys who have just beaten you, it really added to the atmosphere.
I remember Pee Wee Reese was sitting on a rubbing table—Jackie Robinson was on another—and they were both quiet. ESPN, FOX, MLB Network and TBS will select additional games for regional and national broadcasts throughout the season. So here I am, my first two years, and I’ve got so much heartache—not so much for me, I was kind of in shock—but for them, my friends, to see them all suffering so much.
Monday begins his 21st season as a Dodger broadcaster and 29th overall with the organization, including eight as a player. Steiner enters his ninth season as a play-by-play announcer for the team.Hall of Famer Jaime Jarrin, Pepe Yniguez and legendary Dodger pitcher Fernando Valenzuela will call the action in Spanish for the Dodgers.
Jarrin enters his 55th season in the Dodgers’ Spanish-language radio booth and Yniguez will begin his 15th. Valenzuela enters his 11th season calling games for the Dodgers after a 17-year playing career. PRIME TICKET and sister network FOX Sports West have provided local sports coverage to Southern California, Nevada and Hawaii for nearly 30 years.

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