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Vin Plates and Hull Plates Published May 31, 2010 Machine Plates Online can make plates for cars, boats, trailers, tractors, or other machines you may be restoring. These plates can be used by restorers to replace plates that have been damaged or lost over time. Plates are made to meet legal requirements, however each state has different rules on what is required for vin plate replacement, and some may not allow replacements at all.

We will NOT replicate plates for late model vehicles, so if you are a thief, please don’t waste your time, or ours. It is the responsibility of the person ordering the plate to determine if your DOT will approve its use.
You must tell us the size, hole placement, what text you want on the plate, in the order you want it.

If you are a restorer we will need to see an actual plate, or scanned image of a plate before we can determine if we can match it.

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