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So, if my VINs are 23890 and 75886, then I'm looking at a 1964 (March) and a 1969 (November)?
No transfer case shifter though Claudia, so reckon it was converted from there-on-the-tree. How To Decode a VIN  Prior to understanding how VIN decoding works, it is important to know what it is all about. Vehicle to be offered for Auction sale August 16th- 18th, 2012 at Russo and Steele's 12th Annual Monterey California Auction.
This is one of only four in the world 1977 German Made VW Thing with only 19,000 original miles. A once in a lifetime chance to own 1 of 4 of the last German produced VW Things for the world in 1977 with only 19,000 original miles.
Looks like an ex-zivilschutz to me based on the revolving light switch on the dash, not a US market.
The claim is that only 4 181 were produced in Germany in 1977, though it still seems an odd claim. Still, since this is an auction house listing, and not a private ad for sale, I'd be willing to believe the owner was able to show the auction house evidence to back up the claim.
Ear muffs were used to bring clean air into the engine compartment on vehicles with exhaust heat. Earmuffs (wader boxes, hamster cheaks, etc) were used on 181 with engine heat ('fresh' air, civil heat, bug heat, etc). The production figures that are often quoted show the Emden plant making 181 into 1978 (only 30 some if I remember correctly).
Interestingly enough, the fiche I have dated 1-1982 shows serial numbers up into the 1981 model year (18-C chassis numbers), but I am not sure how much I trust that.

1975 federal vehicle safety standards disallowed importation of the VW Thing from 1975-2000.
If this car is as original as stated by the seller, it probably was an MP 181 or reclaimed military car converted to public service car. I would contest that this vehicle was imported to the US as a public comodity and not available for pubic sale. My experience with car auction houses is that it is their firm policy not to back up any claim. I'd be interested in knowing under what circumstances this vehicle was imported to the US before 2003. Sorry for hacking up the thread but I thought it better be an old VIN thread than just starting a new one. I own this pretty unmolested (other than getting sprayed on with Sunshine Yellow L11E) 79 RHD VW181 which started as UN Service Vehicle. Today, I happened to come across this 73 VIN plate from a fellow member of Club Safari De Mexico which somewhat has confused me regarding the origin of my RHD VW181. Q2:Could this, by any chance, be a German Thing that I happen to own from 79?_________________1965 1200cc SP Type114 American Spec. Blogs, profils, rencontres, chat, photos, videos, musique avec skyrock, cree gratuitement ton reseau d'amis et partage tes photos, tes videos et tes gadgets en. Copyright © 2012 Autos Post, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners. He said it was something to do with it being salvaged many years ago and he's trying to get the title fixed on it.
Just note that none of the letters after the car code (B210) will be in the VIN, only in on the original dealer tag (sometimes it was on the emissions sticker).

It may not display this or other websites correctly.You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. A bunch of other places also ( check the internet ) and Craigslist for local and distant owner parts. Heater, padded dash, vent on the cowl, hard top, transfer shifter, glove box door, knobs on the dash, reverse light, emblems on the rear and side marker lights are all things you would not find on a 64. In 1977, VW of Germany (not the Mexican VW plant) produced the 4 final German made VW Things for the world, two stayed in Germany and two were shipped to the USA and this is one of the U.S. 5859 could be the production batch and 1179 could be the date of production (1st day of 1st week of 1979)? I have one for my 620 in my service manual, but I now have a guy wanting to know what he is looking for on his B-210.
Lack of the supporting switches on the dash leads me to conclude that the blackouts, rotating light, and front horns were prepped but never installed. The formal VIN started in 1981 since before that there were different formats used by different manufacturers. Preserved properly all of it's life by VW collectors,this Thing has maintained most of it's originality and is in spectacular condition. The standardization of the numbers was done to get rid of chances of similar VIN’s appearing. The digits that are found on car VIN indicate the year the vehicle was manufactured, assembly point, country of origin, model as well as other important details that will prove helpful in its identification.

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