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Good lucking finding it mate, its on the rear of the block somewhere, I couldn't even find mine and when push came to shove when I was getting my road worthy they used just a number stamped on the right hand side of the block just above the sump for my road worthy, shame the numbers don't match now but hey what do you do?? This is the number they have used when it got its RWC today in Melbourne, but it is different to the number used when it was first registered in QLD, the engine number used in QLD was the last 7 or 8 digits of the VIN number. Carter AVS 4968S Carburetor Correct Dual Snorkel Black Wrinkle Finish Air Cleaner Manual Brakes. As you can see, tons of information with this car, with the peace of mind of a full and extensive restoration, making this a Dodge Charger anyone would be proud of.

Tons of photos from its past life are included, which is important with these classic vehicles as the history and back story plays as big a part as anything else. This video features one of our readers performing a rather tasty burnout in his AWD Cutlass.
By David Ashton This is an interesting comparision between a Ford Shelby GT350 and the GT350R. See ad details, contact the seller or find other Dodge Grand Caravan vehicles for sale from Perham in just seconds.

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