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Tell us what you want in your Ram brand vehicle and we'll find the one that is right for you.
Generally, 60% of your cargo weight should be loaded in the front half of your trailer and 40% in the rear half (unless otherwise directed by your trailer manufacturer).
Whether you're connecting a receiver hitch, fifth wheel hitch or gooseneck hitch, these three videos will help you set up your trailer in a few easy steps.
If this is your first time towing a trailer, be sure to practice in an open area before hitting the road. Swing wide while turning and double-check your mirrors to be sure your trailer clears all obstacles.
If your trailer ends up jackknifing, simply pull forward to straighten it out and try again. This is the total weight your trailer can handle, including the weight of the trailer itself.

If there is too much weight in the rear of your trailer, it can actually lift the rear of the truck a bit, resulting in negative tongue weight.
Vehicle identification number (vin - baldwin filters, 30 vehicle identification number (vin) decoding vehicle identification number (vin) * see vin decoding information on 9th character (check digit).. Your guide 2015 vehicle identification - ford fleet, Typical vin 1 f m z u 7 3 e 0 f f a 6 9 1 0 1 position number 1-3 4 5-7 8 9 10 11 •12-17 positions 1-3 world manufacturer identifier position 4 restraint.
Vehicle identification number (vin ) - autozone, A 17 digit combination of numbers and letters forms the vehicle identification number (vin). Copyright © 2012 Autos Post, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners.
When loading cargo, you'll want to balance it evenly side-to-side, keeping the center of gravity low to the ground and over the trailer axle(s). Unsecured cargo can shift while the vehicle is in motion, which can make your trailer unstable.

Look for a place to park where you can pull forward so that you can avoid backing out of a parking space. Backing up can take some getting used to so take it slow and have someone behind the trailer to spot you. We do not claim that the car got in our databank has salvage title, but the fact that it has been damaged for sure.
By loading your trailer with 60% of the weight toward the front of the trailer, you're placing 10-15% of the GTW on the vehicle's hitch ball.

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