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1966 Pontiac Grand Prix still wore fender skirts and was also the last year for the popular tri-power option. The Grand Prix was slightly restyled for 1966 with a wire mesh "eggcrate" grille and rectangular parking lamps. Note: Information, Specifications, Resources & Photos found in the Research Libraryshould only be used as general guidelines. Now that you know where to find the hidden VIN numbers on your car we just need to decode what these numbers mean.
On the 69 there are two,one is on top of the cowl and the second one is behind the heater fan motor.Hope that helps. The under cowl # and the vin # on my 69 are different by 10 digits like 9L###280 under the cowl and 9L###290 on the vin plate and title? You do not need to remove the cowl panel to see the hidden cowl partial VIN.Look through the slots below the right side wiper arm, between the cowl openings and the firewall.
I have never had to remove the cowl to read the code, with the exception of one car for sale that had the numbers filled intentionally to mask non-matching VIN. Originally Posted By YellowbirdWhen filled, you can view these with the cowl grille off using a mirror and flashlight from below the cowl.
I can only imagine how frustrating it must be to deal with idiots who think that a female doesn't know anything about cars.
Vikki is saving those stories for a book - she can't give away all of her stories for free.
Nah, I actually don't have the patience for storytellers, if the car doesn't sell itself on its merits, I won't be buying.
I finished the car for my dad and it came out nice (took best of show at Cannonbird Run and first place overall in its first open show). All 1967 through 1972 Chevrolet 10 thruough 30 series trucks are identified by this model designation system. 1967 models have the Vehicle Identification Number located on a stainless-steel plate riveted to the left door jamb on the hinge post facing.

8th through 12th digits:Sequential production number starting with 600001 for 6-cylinder models and 100001 for V8 models. After pulling out all of the interior (seats, carpet, padding, panels, etc) I am noticing more problems beyond the floor pans. There is two hidden vins under the fenders both are on the top of the inter fender but between the shock tower and firewall.I never seen one on a mustang frame rail but never messed with one enough to look for it lol. The Grand Prix's taillight panel featured chrome trim ribs, blacked out in between to give the impression of full-width taillights. Fisher body on cowl tells style number, body number, trim code, paint code, and other data. OldRide LLC makes no warranty as to theauthenticity and accuracy of the information contained hereon. The primary VIN tag which includes the complete Vehicle Identification Number and two hidden VIN locations which include a partial VIN stamped into the bodies sheet metal.
Both of these numbers are partial VIN numbers and should be an exact match with the VIN tag mounted to the door pillar. I didn't even think about checking from the underside since the metal will reflect the stamping from above.I am sure the seller wanted to crawl under a rock and hide after you pointed out the inconsistency. LOLApparently, they have no idea about the information that is documented about these cars.
I have some good insight about the first generation Firebird, but still have much to learn. 1968-71 models have a plate visible through the windshield on the driver’s side dash panel.
We are constantly expanding our records so please check back again for later years or email us for more help.
A rosette rivet is a rivet that that has an outer edge that looks similar to an asterisk as opposed to being completely round. I had read on this forum that it was under the fender, which I thought meant on the inside of the fender sheet metal.

In some cases there is only one rosette holding the VIN tag in place with the other rivet being a round rivet. To access these two VINs will require a little work first by removing the upper cowl panel and windshield wipers to clearly access the upper hidden VIN and for the second hidden VIN the heater blower motor needs to be removed which is very labor intensive requiring removal of the passenger side fender in most cases.
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If your car or a car you are considering purchasing has two round rivets holding the VIN tag in place you will want to exercise a little caution and check a few other aspects of the car prior to purchase. During that period of time I restored a 68 coupe and was fortunate enough to have insight such as yours to help complete that project.
Two round rivets do not guarantee that there is any type of problem with your vehicles Vehicle Identification Number tag but it does indicate that at some point it may have been removed form the car for one reason or another. I was under the impression it was only stamped on the driver fender apron, under the passenger fender, on the door data tag, and sometimes the drivers fender. In this case you will want to make sure to inspect and verify the two hidden VINs stamped into the cars body to verify they match the last 8 digits of the metal VIN tag at the door pillar.
However, I have recently returned and have been fortunate enough to utilize the resources on this site to help complete my current project.I extend my gratitude to you and the many other dedicated Firebird fans on this site. The most worrisome of the reasons that people remove a tag for is what is known as a rebody where a car with a poor condition body but high value options such as a big block or Z28 has its VIN removed and attached to a lower value body that is in far better condition. I read on Mustang Monthly that the 1968 Mustangs built in San Jose had a 'confidential VIN', but obviously this is a 1967.

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