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The letters I, O, and Q are not used in VINs, at least from 1981 until today (and into the future).
The first 3 digits of the VIN are known as the "WMI", which is an acronym for "World Manufacturer Identifier". Tenth: The tenth digit is the year, which is amazingly helpful if you're in a junkyard or showing off to your friends. In addition to VINs there are also a plethora of option codes located somewhere in the interior of every vehicle. The last thing worth noting is that some foreign car manufacturers switch around these VIN numbers slightly. Digits five thru eight represent the vehicle trim level or series, engine, and frequently (but not always) transmission. Digit 10 represents the year that your particular model of Toyota was introduced, while the eleventh number is a way to determine which factory assembled your vehicle. I ahve observed that some toyota cars have 12 digits chasis rather than would you tell the year of manufacture, is it still the 10th digit?
According to the Vin number, it was built in Japan – which makes sense as I live in Bermuda and they buy the cars direct. Please is it possible for me to obtain my engine number using my vehicle identification number? I’m trying to find parts for my Toyota Axio (equivalent to Corolla) VIN number NZE1416003043 (manufactured in Japan right hand drive).
Hyundai’s Next Fuel Cell Vehicle Will Have A 500 Mile Range – Will Toyota Match It? Last month, we began our series on Corvette Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) decoding by briefly reviewing the history of the original car-ID system that was introduced in the U.S. Federal law established a 17-digit VIN system, which took effect in model year 1981 and is scheduled to remain in effect until at least 2040.
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You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. All international shipping Please email BEFORE purchasing with address for shipping quote. The warranty and remedies set forth below are exclusive and in lieu of all others, oral or written, expressed or implied.

No warranty extension will be granted for any replacement part(s) furnished to the purchaser in fulfillment of this warranty. Any non-defective returns are subject to a 15% restocking fee, which percentage is taken from the final purchase price less any shipping or handling charges. To return a defective product, please contact our Customer Service Department for a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number and follow the Return of Products Instructions below.
If repairs are required, the customer must obtain a RMA number and provide proof of purchase. That encompasses the country of origin, the manufacturer, and the division that the vehicle is built for. This doesn't necessarily mean the "make" of the car though, because companies like General Motors have many different divisions. In the case of General Motors, the division would be the more specific Buick, Pontiac, Oldsmobile or whatever it is.
They include things like safety, engine size, body style, and the series that the vehicle is. So if you have a special option,heavy-duty truck with the eight lug wheels, or a towing package, this is the digit that will tell you "Hey this vehicle has a special suspension and brake package." It might also reference a specific safety restraint package, like if the vehicle had a two vs.
In the 1980's for example, General Motors built full size trucks that were C and K series along with and R and V series.
So if the vehicle is a convertible, a two door, four door, or wagon, it is defined in these two digits. You can easily figure out which years match up to which letters and which numbers with the simple handy dandy chart below. Long ago, they used to be actual printed pieces of paper, that were stuffed into the seat springs.
On many Volkswagens for example, the 3rd through 8th digits are in a different order than the American brand cars and trucks.
You should be able to see it through the windshield on the driver’s side, way down at the bottom. It’s determined using a mathematical formula that involves the other numbers in the VIN.
Give us a call at 1-866-596-1970 and one of our associates will help you find the part information. The frame has a part number, but I can’t find a serial number and the same for the chassis. No reseller, agent or employee is authorized to make any modification, extension or addition to this warranty. Pack the item in its original box or a well-protected box, as outlined in the Return Shipping Instructions. Cross-exchange (Parts only): You will need to provide a valid credit card number as a deposit guarantee when the RMA number is issued. Before we go any further on this automotive journey, I think we need to briefly talk about redundancy. So if you were to go to a junkyard, this digit is really helpful for vehicles that had two different engines during the same year. This doesn't often matter so much, unless you are talking about certain cars that have major followings. This is normally not a super important number as far as buying auto parts goes, unless you have one of those vehicles that changed production specifications halfway through a production run. In modern cars, it is usually a printed sticker in the glove compartment, console, or trunk.

000001 would be the first car produced, 000002 would be the second), this is not always the case.
When trying to figure out if your transmission will match, you will have to go deeper and we don’t have the resources online to do this. We further described how today's VINs have come to serve a much wider purpose than was originally intended, and how they now populate the databases of nearly every organization that earns its revenue from the automobile business.
All returns, both during and following the 30-day period, must be affected via the Procedures for Obtaining Warranty Service described below.
Any shipping costs after 30 days (starting from the original date of purchase) on any item returned for repair is the customers’ responsibility.
Following this 30-day period all shipping fees both for under warranty and post warranty repairs are the sole responsibility of the customer.
A Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) is the 17-digit string of numbers that an automotive manufacturer assigns to a specific vehicle that it produces. In today's example, the tenth digit is "M", so you dance over to the handy dandy chart, and see that "M" is 1991.
So, you might have a vehicle that had different mirrors if it was built in April of 2004, than if it were built  in August of 2004.
When you combine the VIN number with the option codes, you get the entire genetic makeup of the vehicle from top to bottom. Typically the engine, vehicle series, body type, restraint system, and model are the ones to watch out for. Your best bet is to find someone who has already done this or find a Toyota master mechanic. All returned parts must have a RMA number written clearly on the outside of the package along with a letter detailing the problems and a copy of the original proof of purchase. The customer also assumes full liability for losses or damages resulting from shipping as well as all responsibility to pursue remuneration for such issues with their selected carrier. You can find out a lot about your car or truck if you are able to read and decode its VIN number, and that's why we are going to show you how to do just that.
Both of these trucks could have come with a 4.3 liter that was a Z series engine or a W series engine. If you have one of those vehicles, you need to know where it was in the production line, which is where these last six digits become important. The country, make, check digit, year, plant, and serial number are usually in the same positions regardless of the vehicle manufacturer. If such charges are incurred, the shipped part(s) will be billed at the then current price.
This is great in a junkyard because you can walk up to a VIN number and say "Hey this is a VIN J, which means it's a 1988". Vehicle manufacturers could have used 8 digits, 10 digits, 25 digits, or really whatever they wanted. So, to make America a better place, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration put their foot down in 1981, and made all of the car manufacturers use 17 digits. It is called a check digit because the purpose of it is to check the rest of the VIN number for legitimacy.
The 11th digit of the VIN number is the one that confirms the plant at which the vehicle was built.

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