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The 2014 World Supersport season opened in dramatic fashion after a red-flagged restart turned the 18-lap race into a five-lap sprint, with MV Agusta making a triumphant return to the top of the podium for the first time since 1976. There was a time when a rider’s number indicated his position from the previous season, with the ultimate accolade being the number 1 emblazoned on the front of the champion's bike. Use of this Web site constitutes acceptance of the 2040Motos User Agreement and Privacy Policy. The Supersport event began with a hard-fought battle between three-time champion Kenan Sofuoglu, Kev Coghlan and Michael van der Mark.

The rise of branding in MotoGP and a rider wanting to market themselves, born from Barry Sheene and his retention of no.7, saw riders decide against displaying their finish from the year before. Starting in 2014, the official MotoGP ECU including internal datalogger from Magneti Marelli will become mandatory.
Rossi, who on winning his numerous championships, stuck with his famous #46 in defence of his titles, instead of stamping a great number 1 on his bikes.
Factory teams will be allowed to program their own ECU software while privateers will be required to run the standard software.

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