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A full collection of high-resolution photos of the 2011 Dodge Challenger SRT8 from the movie Fast and Furious 6.
Orlando-based tuning company Ultimate Auto has created this version of the Dodge Challenger SRT-8 with huge Pirelli tires. German car wrap specialists CCG Automotive have customized this Dodge Challenger SRT8 with some unique exterior styling and serious power under the hood.
While this Dodge Challenger SRT-8 Limo is the first of its kind, it will definitely not be the last when limo manufacturer’s see this.
CULT Energy Drink is about to reveal this exceptionally tuned Dodge Challenger SRT8 at the upcoming SEMA Show next week in Las Vegas. The tuning experts at SpeedFactory perfected their version of the new Dodge Challenger SRT8 with an output of over 600 HP, not including a supercharger.
Rarely do you get to see a street legal car run a single digit quarter mile time, but here is currently the world’s fastest Dodge Challenger. Even though it was announced in May last year, the SMS 570X Dodge Challenger has been unveiled over the last weekend.
Vizualtech is a Swedish company which creates stunning designs for cars rendered in 3d before they are built in real life.
While we thought Lambo doors were a thing of the past, they do make an appearance occasionally no matter how ridiculous they look.
This was built by the limousine company LA Custom Coach, and as stated in the video below, they are already constructing the second version. Built by the guys at MR NORMS GARAGE, the world famous tuners pushed the limits with this Challenger project.

This Challenger has a SMS Red Butterfly induction hood, improved drivetrain, suspension, aerodynamics, new tires, wheels and interior. They could change the design at will before starting to modify a car and now they made a number of LeMans inspired 2009 Dodge Challenger designs. Classic Design Concepts is a car tuner from Michigan which decided to improve this muscle car’s look.
The results show a super flush fitment that we hope the stock suspension can handle since no upgrades in that department were noted. The car combines an ultra-violoet paint with a black upper half, and received a variety of exterior modifications to make it one bad machine.
Perhaps the nicest aftermarket parts are the Asanti rims with Pirelli Scorpion Zero Rollers to fit perfectly under the widen fenders. It was showcased at the Spring Festival in Irvine, California and received more attention than most of the luxury cars that were on display. It was put together on the 2009 SRT8 Dodge Challenger platform, and this race car features too many upgrades to even list, but I’ll give you the run down of the basic improvements. Dodge avoided tuning the engine and stuck with the most significant highlight of the car, the exterior shade of Furious Fuchsia Pearl Coat with Pearl White leather seats. They started from a Challenger SRT8 and they increased it’s power to 560 HP with a supercharger, they installed an adjustable suspension system from PW, a new exhaust from Pypes Performance and a great braking system from Baer. The tuners then covered the sports car with their lime green car wrap featuring white racing stripes on the hood, roof and doors. Specifications show that the Dodge Challenger Limo was stretched 140 inches, while it received two new LED televisions and a full bar inside.

This black matted monster boasts an amazing masculine widebody kit to go along with the 8.3-liter V8 HEMI.
From the factory the Challenger holds the 6.1-liter HEMI V8 engine, which received a ton of modifications to reach the numbers it now produces. The limited edition Challenger rides on large 20-inch polished aluminum rims wrapped in all-season high performance tires to complete the wheel package. It’s price starts at $70,000 but customers could also choose the SMS 570 which is a bit slower for $60,000.
The new body kit has composite front fenders and rear flares, a stainless front grille and an aluminum hood with a cold air shaker system. Additionally, this mean looking muscle car spotlights the highly aggressive red front lights, CULT stickers, larger wheels and brakes, and of course the supercharger that almost reaches the sky. These new models will start to be produced at the end of this month and each ride will be signed by Steve Saleen as a part of the Signature Series and will have unique badges and graphics. Full details about this Dodge Challenger will be available once the SEMA Show starts on November 2nd.

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