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Frankly, there was no plan as such to upgrade my Vista which was doing its job pretty well. The Vista served me really well from day one, except one incident where the clutch gave up. My 7 year old daughter cried a lot when I told her that I have to go and drop the Vista at the showroom because we are exchanging Vista with another car. The budget was initially decided to be around 9 lakhs OTR, after calculating EMIs, old car valuation, etc. Tata: Not considered because I was exchanging my Tata Vista and wanted to try a different company this time.
Only two options in my budget category were Liva and Etios, and both these have possibly the most boring interiors in their segment. I also was a bit interested in the Duster Explore edition, due to its nice exterior and interior modifications, but the Explore edition had no ABS and only driver-side airbag for the 85 PS variant. I personally feel that all those who are looking to buy the Ertiga, purely for the purpose of an MUV, MUST have a look at the Lodgy.
The new Honda Jazz is a good package overall, but I did not feel that I am upgrading from my Vista. My father loves the City, but I found the build quality a little bit of low quality for this price range. I did not even glance at Brio, Amaza and Mobilio because of the really sub-par quality of interiors.
Also, there was not much follow up from the Honda guys and I felt that they are not too interested in selling any car. For everyone who is considering a compact SUV right now, Creta seems to be the OBVIOUS choice.
The Hyundai showroom I visited, was deserted and it wore a look of a Government office like the PF office. I was a bit interested in this car, but I felt that it was just another hatch with a very good ground clearance and some nifty features.
I did not consider the Elite i20 nor the Verna from the Hyundai stable for purely personal reasons. Aspire is loaded to brim with great features, and it trumps all its rivals with safety features on the top-end Titanium Plus variant. I entered the showroom after doing all my homework, on variants, approximate prices, accessories, etc. Initially I had booked the Caffine Brown color, since that was the first color I saw on S-Cross in the showroom. I was not at all happy with the offer, but I still made the booking because I knew I can negotiate later on.
I accepted the upgraded offer and made the remaining down payment immediately, before they change their mind in some silly 'high level' meeting. Finally, I got a call that the file has been sent for registration and I got an SMS from RTO that they have received my file. I reached the showroom one hour before my family, so that they don't get bored with my 1000 questions to the RM for this document and that receipt and all that jazz. Finally, after an hour and half, all was done and the car was waiting for its owner in all its glory. The nice little touch of Nexa showing the name of the customer on the nicely embedded LED display at the time of delivery. After filling diesel, we all had a nice sumptuous lunch at one of our favorite places and went back home riding the new beauty with a wide grin on my face. A lot has already been said about the Nexa experience on the S-Cross, Baleno and Nexa threads. I escalated all my issues to Nexa customer car and even Maruti with actual photographs of the way the bank forms were filled. Apologies for the longish thread, but thought of putting out every minor detail as far as possible, so as to help prospective buyers (hopefully) and readers.
Last but not the least, I would like to thank my wife for supporting me throughout the research and helping in making the final decision. View My Garage Thanks Hiren.Mistry, yes, even i am surprised that i took this descision. About the factory fitted cd players,the pre face lifted models didn't come with playback for mp3,wma etc, which is very annoying. Originally Posted by Gilead There is no audible alarm system in any of the Fiestas but it does have an immobilizer which is good enough. View My Garage The RC should tell you the date of sale or registration, the two will not be far off from each other. Moreover, i know this guy who sold me the car, he is from a very well to do family and i am sure he would not pull a faster one on me atleast.
If i dont have it, i have to get a buzzer kind of security alaram in my car, how do i get it? I am fairly certain that cars from early 2007 onwards started coming with ABS as standard on the SXI.
The only indication of the immobilizer is the red blinking light that's there in my 2009 1.6S. I am pretty sure of this becuase I got a call from the salesman after I booked the car saying I'd need to pay around 23 K extra for alloys, as the car no longer came with those as default, but with ABS instead. As regards immobilizer, I don't have the red blinking light, but the car does have one, per the manual and also the SA in Mody Ford. Airbags were introduced sometime in early 2008, after competitors like SX4 were offering them as default.
I guess you can check when you car was manufactured using the VIN Number---there is a separate thread on that.

The front pic is not too clear---can you confirm if there is a chrome lining around the radiator grill?
View My Garage Thanks for the clarification vnabhi, Yes, i have got the key with those 3 buttons, the shining part near the gear lever, the chrome grille, but the rear windscreen does not have the 'ABS' sticker.
I have also added a pic of the RTO RC book which confirms(much to my relief) that it is indeed a 1.6SXI. For her and my nephew, Vista was the only car in the house until they both like 4 year old or so. The Lodgy has much more space compared to Ertiga, the boot is slightly better than Ertiga and overall package is for sure better.
Even though, everything was better than Vista, to an extent, in the new Jazz, I thought why replace hatch with hatch. The driveability is very good both in city and highways with those 100 horses under the hood. But I was not entirely confident about the company's health, at least for the next 6-8 months. Well thats how it is on paper, but you will see that the RM's at Nexa showrooms don't want to say Maruti or may be they are trained that way. Usually, customers who visit this showroom are given a very tiny TD, but may be it was my lucky day that day.
So as is the norm with us BHPians, I told the RM that I will be doing my own PDI before the car is sent for registration.
Due to color change, and unplanned customer PDI and other stupid excuses, the car did not go to RTO for registration.
Exactly, 3 days from receiving the SMS, I got a call from the RM that the car is completely ready and I can take delivery.
We had planned to go to temple in the evening as most temples are closed during 1 to 4 pm everyday. For instance, my RM told me that the Auto IRVM costs around 2k INR whereas the actual cost is around 6k INR. For instance, he had written 'Baleno' in place of S-cross on the form and had also made a mistake while writing my PAN and bank account number. All the videos being played in the showrooms and their iPads were showing at least 8 different varieties of seat covers. Suzuki SX4 was the first model launched internationally in 2006 with a joint venture between Suzuki and Fiat.
The car is very spacious with lots of usable space for bottles, cup holders, sun glass holder and what not. Since S-Cross will be serviced by the same Maruti dealers, there is no problem of finding a service station in the vicinity.
One day I had parked my car in harsh sunlight in the afternoon on the side of a road for more than 2 hours.
I think every Team-BHP member,including me, who bought S-Cross has changed the stock tyres to something better.
Almost everyone has this complain that the price is higher than expected and should have been at least 30-40k cheaper for each variant.
First of all, not all handsets are supported, as the handsets need to have the MirrorLink feature.
I would have finalized the Figo Aspire for sure, but she was of the opinion that if we are anyway spending close to 10 lakhs, why not stretch the budget more and get something better. Just get someone like suman or vnabhi to confirm it because they bought their cars in 2006 and 2007 respectively. If your car finally does not have an immobilizer, you can get an aftermarket one from the likes of Xenos or Autocop, or Piranha.
I also happened to notice in the RC Book that the previous owner paid extra for the fancy number. So everyone in the house was emotionally attached to the car to an extent being the first car in the house. That car is a gem and a benchmark for reliability as many would swear by its bullet proof reliability and long term life. Two things that made me look elsewhere were the below average interiors and every 5th car on the road is a Duster.
Only problem could be the service network of Renault no where near to that of Maruti, but I don't see that as a deal breaker.
He may have got some targets to achieve for the festive season, but he never behaved unprofessional. Also, the diesel clatter in the Jazz is too evident and the refinement is not very Honda like ( iVtec ). Especially, when you compare Aspire with EcoSport, you can easily see that EcoSport is really well built and feels much sturdy in comparison.
Noise insulation, brakes, interior fit and finish and most things are much better than rivals IMO. I reached the showroom at 3:50 PM on Sunday and I was told by the security guard that the showroom closes at 4 PM and that I should not enter now, since there will be no one. Ertiga is a decent people mover with good features on offer and Maruti's service network advantage. Of course, S-Cross is in a different segment and class, but still the price difference between Baleno diesel top-end (~ 10 lakhs) and S-Cross 1.3 diesel Zeta variant (~11 lakhs), is not much.
But still for the purpose of negotiation, I had called up my RM and had told him that I am going to visit the other two Nexa dealers and find out their offers. The few subtle and positive differences between regular dealership and Nexa started to make their presence felt.
The entire Diwali week was a complete wash out as both RTO and the bank were shut for 5-6 days.
It was already post 5 PM on the day I got the call, hence I told him that I will take delivery on the next day at 12 noon in broad day light. The product, S-Cross, is surely premium, but Maruti has a long way to go to make Nexa standout in the market. Yes, the RMs and most of the staff are well dressed (grey suit and white shirt) and can speak English too, when there is a need. The next day on receiving the email, I got a call from my RM and he told me that he wants to meet me and explain regarding service for S-Cross. A whopping 18 cars in India are currently using this engine in fundamentally two tunes, 75 PS FGT and 90 PS VGT.

Of all the cars I test drove, I think only Duster came close to the ride quality of S-Cross.
Will share the price of the car after some days, since i need some time to get the facts correct about this descision of mine.
I think the boot may have been replaced which would explain the missing ABS and 1.6 badging at the rear.
My car came with the new model of alloys---that was also something they introduced in March 2007.
I'd also like a close up picture of the gear console---the sxi had a pattern on the shining console, with a similar pattern near the ICE and AC knobs.
I even see the provision for ABS light and Airbags lights on the instrument console, but not sure if the car has these features.
Even though I could have lived with the 2nd observation, the interiors are seriously disappointing for a car having excellent exteriors, ride and engine. I got two really long test drives on the same day without any questions asked or being told to stop anytime during the test drive. What I did not like was again the audible diesel clatter and little too loud display with too many colors. The problem with Terrano is that it is about 30-40k more expensive than the Duster, variant to variant. The reason I cancelled Creta was because the atrociously long waiting period of 8-10 months. There is a hint of cost cutting with the Aspire, when compared EcoSport, Fiesta and other previous Ford products.
The RM called me up and told me that he will come to my office at any time suitable to me to collect the documents. Manager told me that they do some 36 point PDI from their side and hence there is no need for me doing the PDI. I told him how to find out the manufacturing date of any car, by referring to our brilliant VIN decoding thread. This temple is our favorite one due to its peaceful surroundings, sufficient parking space and very good staff.
I don't have first hand experience, but most people have had premium experience with Toyota dealers across the country. The Nexa showrooms are less cluttered compared to a typical Maruti showroom, at least as of now. Suzuki launched the min-SUV version called as Suzuki SX4 Cross internationally and stopped both the hatch and sedan versions in 2014. Similarly, there are many cars which have better build quality than S-Cross, but at least it is the best from Maruti stable. I could not find any tyre dealer in Pune who was ready to buy back the Suzuki branded alloys, so decided to stick to stock ones for now. He really followed up extremely sincerely until the very end, when I told him that I am not buying the Duster. Whether the build quality is better than Aspire's rivals, is something we can discuss in other threads. I could have easily checked out some other dealer, but things changed dramatically in the next one week or so.
S-Cross is clearly overshadowed and Maruti has also cut production of S-Cross to meet the overwhelming demand for Baleno.
I got a frantic call from the RM at 8 PM telling me that they had 'a high level' meeting with the all managers and seniors just to discuss my case. So instead of desperately trying out something different, Maruti needs to do a lot of homework and market analysis to make Nexa truly premium. When Maruti adds more products to the Nexa showrooms, God knows how they will manage and maintain the so-called premium quotient. When I met him at my office reception, he had got the Loan department manager of Nexa with him. Frankly, every other company than Fiat itself, has tuned Fiat's engines better and are extracting more fun and fuel efficiency, compared to Fiat's own Puntos and Lineas IMO.
He was never rude, and genuinely wanted to sell the car to me and was ready to go to any extent regarding offers and everything. And even at higher price, some features like reverse parking camera, full touch screen system and few more were missing. I used to spend same amount on filling 30 liters of petrol in my Vista 2.5 times in a month. He was elated to accept the booking and sprinted inside the showroom office to get receipt and complete all other formalities. I told him if you cannot let me do PDI, I will tell the bank to stop the payment and will cancel my booking.
By the time the car was being cleaned, all the family members received water, coffee, juices, chocolates and what not, to kill the time. I paid the money, the pujari came out with all the material needed for pooja and performed an exhaustive pooja my new car. I think this was a very good gesture on their part and this can be considered as part of their premium-ness mission. Internationally, the Suzuki SX4 Cross is available with two engines, both 1.6 petrol and diesels. My BIL gets around 15-16 in city and about 18 kmpl on highways with his Ertiga ZXi, which in my opinion is very good. So basically, the showroom staff made sure everyone was happy and refreshed until the flag off.
I have bought multiple cars from multiple dealers before and I never had such good experience and people apologizing personally for their mistakes. Trivia: S-Cross is not available in the US and Canada markets, as Suzuki has withdrawn from these countries.

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